Sunday, 8 September 2013

Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson: the feud continues

Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson during happier times, celebrating a BAFTA win for Made in Chelsea. Image from

When Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson pondered what her talents were on Twitter, she probably was not quite expecting the response she got. Her Twitter followers suggested that her talents were 'crying', 'being a slut' and 'fishing'. The most mixed bag of skills, I have ever heard of. Louise posted this tweet after admitting to loving The Great British Bake Off and proceeded to ask her followers 'why don't I have any talents?'

After finding out the response from her followers, Louise tweeted 'So my talents are crying, being a slut and fishing hahahaha #charming.' Never one to miss a thing, Lucy Watson tweeted in response to Louise, a simple but effective: 'ahahahahaha', clearly delighting in the public's opinion of arch rival Louise.

Miss Thompson then replied to Lucy with 'catching fish would be cool but it's 'merely fishing for compliments' !!!' Perhaps she is making a dig at Lucy's posting of selfies, implying that she is 'fishing' for compliments. Lucy, flabbergasted at the retaliation replied 'haha unbelievable.'

I recently reported that a lot of the girls in the Made in Chelsea cast are now getting on very well, this includes Lucy's recent friendship with Rosie Fortescue, who once disapproved of Lucy. However the Louise-Lucy rift, seems far from ending, this is even despite Spencer Matthews no longer being linked to either girl.

  1. So my talents are crying, being a slut and fishing hahahaha

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