Saturday, 29 June 2013

8 of the best STATEMENT necklaces

I am so in love with statement necklaces at the moment, they jazz up any outfit that would otherwise look quite plain. Spring / summer is the perfect time to wear a statement necklace as bright hues are embraced.  With this dreary weather we've been having there is even more reason to sport a dazzling statement piece. I would really recommend in investing in one as they cheer up any work or daytime look. If you've got some cash to spend then I would recommend Topshop. Their necklaces may set you back £30-£40 but they do some fantastic jewellery. If you are on a budget try New Look, they have some really eye catching pieces for less than £10.

This Accessorize piece may just be very popular since Millie Mackintosh was spotted wearing it for one of her Style Diary looks. This may be a subtle, but its very pretty and is for those that want to try wearing statement jewellery but don't feel confident enough to wear a heavy, chunky piece. This would look fantastic with any daytime look and can be worn at night as well.

This electric MY FLASH TRASH necklace is perfect for after work cosmos.

This Topshop necklace may be simple in colour but its chunky jewels are very dominant. If you are a classic kind of woman then this necklace might just be the one. It dresses up any outfit with just the right amount of sophistication. Just watch the magpies hovering around!

This New Look Bungee Rope Gemstone Necklace is such a striking, fierce orange. This colour is very in this season as well, so with this necklace you will be ticking all the right fashion boxes. I personally think this necklace would look amazing on anyone with a darker complexion, as bright colours really flatter olive / dark skin. Something like this would be suitable for a festival, where you want to wear something bold but in-expensive so there's no guilt involved if it gets damaged.

Pastel hues are a MUST for summer and so is this necklace. With bright jewels it is something which is a key holiday piece.

This OUTHOUSE necklace has a very decadent feel, which I love. Inspired by the Baroque era, it has an antique feel. This necklace may look high maintenance but its guaranteed to get you noticed.

With bright neon hues this necklace is guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd. Plus neon is very in this season. Let the exhibitionist in you shine!

Topshop, Statement necklace, £30

This Topshop necklace, which is nearly all colours of the rainbow will bring a splash of colour to any outfit. What's brilliant about it, is that you can team it with any top in any of the colours found in this necklace, it will bring out the hue wonderfully. Although not available online you can find it in store.

Will you be wearing a STATEMENT NECKLACE this season? Do you think they are a one hit wonder or a wardrobe staple? Let me know in the comments box below.

Thursday, 27 June 2013


Imagine a reality show mash-up of The Only Way Is Essex and Made in Chelsea, now that would be interesting. It would be something in between Essex glamour and Chelsea Sloane. Imagining Mark Francis’ face at this idea would just make it even more worth while! So I’ve put my thinking cap on and created some MOWIE couples who I think would be great together!


Joey Essex from TOWIE and Phoebe Lettice from MIC. They both look about 16, have quirky styles, love fashion and are up for having fun. Phoebe could also help Joey out with his Fusey line, maybe a feature in Tatler wouldn't go amiss?


Stevie Johnson from MIC and Lucy Mecklenburgh from TOWIE. After being treated badly by love rat Mario, Lucy deserves an all round nice, sweet and genuine guy and Stevie is certainly that!


James Lock from TOWIE and Lucy Watson from MIC. These too both seem like players, so why not put them together?


Spencer Matthews from MIC and Lauren Pope from TOWIE. It's going to take a lot to tame Spencer and an older woman like Lauren might just be the trick. Plus she's blonde, and if there's something we've learnt from Spencer's Caggie obsession and Julianne Hough crush its that he likes blondes.

What do you think of these MOWIE couples? Are they a match made in reality heaven?