Friday, 27 July 2012

The Hong Kong Holiday Wardrobe

My attempt to "reform" my holiday packing style for Hong Kong 2012... think minimal NOT overcrowded packing...

Hong Kong.

Packing for a summer holiday is something that a lot of people seem to dread. How will I fit all my favourite clothes in a suitcase? What shall I leave out? What if I haven't packed enough clothes?

These are just some of the questions which us fashion conscious people will worry about whilst we pack our holiday suitcases.

I will just admit it now, last time I went to Hong Kong, back in 2010 I was swamped with clothes.

This may sound like the fashion stylist's dream but in reality I had brought an overwhelming amount of clothes and didn't end up wearing half the clothes in my suitcase.

Every morning, I got up and looked at my suitcase which was full to the brim with clothing. Thus, making outfit choosing feel more like wading through a jungle, as opposed to walking through a park.

I literally had a suitcase stuffed full of clothing and I was convinced that I would wear it all and did I? No!

In Hong Kong, 2010.

In hindsight I look back and think that if I had just packed a few of my favourite summer essentials then it would have been a lot easier to make fashion decisions in the mornings, leaving me more time to sunbathe and less time worrying about what to wear.

Having thought about my dream packed suitcase the other day, the ideal would be one which I could open and immediately see a few of my favourite clothing items smiling out at me, rather than a mountain of them.

In my head, the definition of this ideal suitcase would be MINIMAL. Only the really special items would make the cut.

The sensible option would be to pack around three of my favourite dresses and fourteen of my favourite tops for a two week holiday. As opposed to packing twenty of my favourite tops.

With packing kept to a minimum, it will mean that I will have more valuable space left in my suitcase for any souvenirs or unique items which I find in the markets out there.

The way I have described my ideal "reformed" Hong Kong holiday wardrobe may seem like something akin to a military operation. But, I am certain that if I make all the fashion decisions before I go away then it will ensure a more relaxing holiday.

The last thing I want to worry about on holiday is that I can't find my favourite dress because it's buried under a pile of clothes in a suitcase...

A sneak peek into my new minimally packed suitcase:

What I will pack into my suitcase... who said packing a suitcase couldn't be turned into an artistic creation?

  • Two cut out style dresses from Miss Selfridge and Topshop which are suitable for an evening out on holiday (pictured top left).

  • One green dress with appliqué detail from Warehouse (pictured top right) and an Optical Illusion print dress from River Island (pictured centre front) - a great variation from a singular toned dress. 

  • Two playsuits - great for wearing during the day (far left and far right).

  • A classic pair of old denim shorts from Topshop (pictured bottom, centre).

  • A roomy leather bag from Vera Pelle at TK MAXX - perfect for fitting all the summer essentials in for a shopping trip abroad (pictured far right).


Monday, 23 July 2012

M&S Virtual Makeover Counter

Give yourself a virtual makeover ONLINE...

A makeover... and online? I can't say that I wasn't surprised when I found out today that M&S has created a new tool which allows you to give yourself a virtual makeover. You may well ask, how this is possible?

In fact it is very possible. The minute I heard about it I typed "M&S beauty" into Google, and clicked on the Virtual Makeover Counter. It was easy to do and quite exciting as it was a chance to get creative.

You can give yourself a makeover whether it is a facial one or hand one. Feeling like I wanted to explore nail colour I went for the 'Virtual Manicure' for nails.

First of all I selected my skin tone on a colour chart, with nails that were a blank canvas, without a trace of nail polish. Then I was directed to a colour wheel chart which displayed all the different nail varnish colours that M&S sell.

I hovered over many, enjoying the creative freedom that I had and finally settled on a slate grey hue which complimented my skin tone well.

I have never seen anything quite like this, an instant manicure at a click away...

A tool which can help you to decide which colour suits your skin tone best in the comfort of your own home...

I have to say that the concept of a virtual makeover really appeals to me - the idea that you can inject a glamorous new look at the click of a button is very exciting.

Check out the M&S Virtual Makoever Counter at:

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sexy Slit Dresses OR what I like to call The "Peeping Tom" dress.

Currently, fashion cannot get enough of what I like to call The "Peeping Tom" dress.

You may ask yourself; oh I thought a Peeping Tom was a guy that weirdly peeped on people? Well, not according to my dictionary!

A "Peeping Tom" dress is by my definition, a dress which has a hole big enough for people to peep through and see some flesh. This may sound like a crude analogy, but it's actually quite sexy and can be tasteful.

Ever since I invested in my first white "Peeping Tom" dress from Topshop, earlier in the year, I have seen quite a few dresses on the high street which bear the same resemblance.

Holes here, holes there. Mostly these dresses seem to have two symmetrical holes directly under each bust which reveal a cheeky glimpse of flesh.

High Fashion has also taken an interest in such a dress style, as a friend recently pointed out a feature entitled TREND WATCH: THE MIDI-MIDRIFF in last Sunday's The Sunday Times Style magazine which stated that a lot of fashion-forward women are daring to bear their midriff's, wearing these new kinds of dresses.

Wearing my Topshop white "Peeping Tom" dress at my friend's 21st birthday party in March.

These dresses are definitely current and very this year. I was wearing my white Topshop dress as far back as March, thinking WOW I love this dress style.

I remember wearing my white dress at my friend's 21st Birthday back in March.

Wearing my white Topshop dress I continued to refer to my dress as a "Peeping Tom" one:

'Do you like my Peeping Tom holes?' I asked friends who laughed their heads off at my new phrase.

My answer to my own question is a resounding YES, I do like them!

Before, a lot of dress styles had passed me by, but, there was something new and sexy about this new style of dress.

It catches people's eye because for what seems like the first time we are seeing a flash of skin which is something other than leg or boob!

In fact, I liked this white dress so much I couldn't resist buying a Miss Selfridge Black "Peeping Tom" dress recently - (the Gold Bead Cutout Maxi dress).

Out for cocktails. Check out my Miss Selfridge Gold Bead Cutout dress on the far left.

I was excited to buy this dress because it was not only a lovely maxi dress, but also had holes beneath the bust which would reveal sexy snippets of flesh.

Plus the dress would be a nice new addition to my other white "Peeping Tom".

These sexy slit dresses are so NOW and so sexy. So what are you waiting for?


Sunday, 15 July 2012

CIATE Caviar Manicure: Review


Bling up your nails Caviar style, day or night...

ZOOM IN of Ciaté Caviar Manicure™ Pink paint pot.

On first hearing of the new product release of Ciate Caviar Manicure in the UK I was desperate to get down to Selfridges and get my hands on a set. First of all the manicure was called a 'Caviar' one - emphasising its exclusivity and secondly I had never seen a manicure so one a kind. The textured nails with little coloured pearls embedded on the nails made me think WOW I need to try this...which I of course did!

I selected the Caviar Manicure in Pink paint pot - pearls which contain white, pink, gold and blue coloured pearls (a perfect mix for the summer!). Although there are other gorgeous manicures to choose from, which includes a Caviar Manicure kit in White paint pot (with chic white pearls).

This manicure might look hard to do, but it is in fact NOT! I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to achieve Caviar nails. Quite simply, you apply two coats of the Ciaté paint pot shade and then immediately sprinkle the Caviar pearls over your nails. In something akin to a children's craft activity!

The Ciaté Caviar maincure set which includes a Ciaté paint pot shade and Caviar pearls bottle, as well as a funnel and tray.

I was left with eye catching, textured nails which looked cool and blingy. I was even more excited about my new nails because I was going out that evening and couldn't wait to show them off!

Ciaté Caviar nails are great for a short-term, textured effect for a night out. They may not be as long lasting as your standard nail polishes, but for the unique look that they give your nails it is worth the lack of longevity.



My top tips for the application of a Caviar manicure...

  • Pick the Ciaté Caviar manicure set which you like the best. A manicure set is pricier than your ordinary nail polish. So, go for the Caviar pearls which you can see yourself wearing the most. For example if you like your nails natural and quite simple then the Caviar Manicure kit in White paint pot would best suit you.

  • Make sure that you find a suitable surface for sprinkling the Caviar pearls over your nails. It IS messy. So it is highly recommendable that you rest your nails over the tray that they give you in the box, (whilst you sprinkle the pearls over your nails).

  • The manicure lasts up to 48 hours. So, I would recommend applying the Caviar manicure especially for a special night out if you want to WOW.

  • MAKE USE of the funnel. Once your Caviar nails are dry, place the funnel into the Caviar pearls bottle and gently tilt the tray with the pearls, so that the remaining pearls are funnelled back into the bottle.

  • Only do this when you have TIME, this manicure is not a quick DIY job in the back of a car on the way to a night out. It has to be done carefully and the nails take around 15-20 minutes to dry.

SO what are you waiting for?...
BLING up your nails and be the envy of your friends, with nails which will have people wondering which candy shop you went to!

You can find the Ciaté Caviar Manicure, exclusively at Selfridges. For more information, visit:

Monday, 2 July 2012

Kim Kardashian looks DASHING in white

Kim Kardashian at the BET awards 2012.

Check out Kim Kardashian in this super sexy, clingy white dress which she wore to the BET awards. Could one Kardashian sister be any more dashing?.... (See what I did there!).

White is definitely not something to be worn casually. You need confidence and boldness to pull off white. Why?

Well, because white is hard to pull off...

Your white dress should be stain free and kept simple. A tan won't go amiss will always set off a white dress nicely. Kim has clearly excelled in both areas.

Plus Kim has helped to keep the focus on her show-stopping white hot dress by wearing simple makeup and no jewellery.

This means that the statement piece of her outfit IS her little white dress. There is absolutely nothing to distract from it. (Other than that award winning booty!)...