Monday, 23 July 2012

M&S Virtual Makeover Counter

Give yourself a virtual makeover ONLINE...

A makeover... and online? I can't say that I wasn't surprised when I found out today that M&S has created a new tool which allows you to give yourself a virtual makeover. You may well ask, how this is possible?

In fact it is very possible. The minute I heard about it I typed "M&S beauty" into Google, and clicked on the Virtual Makeover Counter. It was easy to do and quite exciting as it was a chance to get creative.

You can give yourself a makeover whether it is a facial one or hand one. Feeling like I wanted to explore nail colour I went for the 'Virtual Manicure' for nails.

First of all I selected my skin tone on a colour chart, with nails that were a blank canvas, without a trace of nail polish. Then I was directed to a colour wheel chart which displayed all the different nail varnish colours that M&S sell.

I hovered over many, enjoying the creative freedom that I had and finally settled on a slate grey hue which complimented my skin tone well.

I have never seen anything quite like this, an instant manicure at a click away...

A tool which can help you to decide which colour suits your skin tone best in the comfort of your own home...

I have to say that the concept of a virtual makeover really appeals to me - the idea that you can inject a glamorous new look at the click of a button is very exciting.

Check out the M&S Virtual Makoever Counter at:

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