Thursday, 19 July 2012

Sexy Slit Dresses OR what I like to call The "Peeping Tom" dress.

Currently, fashion cannot get enough of what I like to call The "Peeping Tom" dress.

You may ask yourself; oh I thought a Peeping Tom was a guy that weirdly peeped on people? Well, not according to my dictionary!

A "Peeping Tom" dress is by my definition, a dress which has a hole big enough for people to peep through and see some flesh. This may sound like a crude analogy, but it's actually quite sexy and can be tasteful.

Ever since I invested in my first white "Peeping Tom" dress from Topshop, earlier in the year, I have seen quite a few dresses on the high street which bear the same resemblance.

Holes here, holes there. Mostly these dresses seem to have two symmetrical holes directly under each bust which reveal a cheeky glimpse of flesh.

High Fashion has also taken an interest in such a dress style, as a friend recently pointed out a feature entitled TREND WATCH: THE MIDI-MIDRIFF in last Sunday's The Sunday Times Style magazine which stated that a lot of fashion-forward women are daring to bear their midriff's, wearing these new kinds of dresses.

Wearing my Topshop white "Peeping Tom" dress at my friend's 21st birthday party in March.

These dresses are definitely current and very this year. I was wearing my white Topshop dress as far back as March, thinking WOW I love this dress style.

I remember wearing my white dress at my friend's 21st Birthday back in March.

Wearing my white Topshop dress I continued to refer to my dress as a "Peeping Tom" one:

'Do you like my Peeping Tom holes?' I asked friends who laughed their heads off at my new phrase.

My answer to my own question is a resounding YES, I do like them!

Before, a lot of dress styles had passed me by, but, there was something new and sexy about this new style of dress.

It catches people's eye because for what seems like the first time we are seeing a flash of skin which is something other than leg or boob!

In fact, I liked this white dress so much I couldn't resist buying a Miss Selfridge Black "Peeping Tom" dress recently - (the Gold Bead Cutout Maxi dress).

Out for cocktails. Check out my Miss Selfridge Gold Bead Cutout dress on the far left.

I was excited to buy this dress because it was not only a lovely maxi dress, but also had holes beneath the bust which would reveal sexy snippets of flesh.

Plus the dress would be a nice new addition to my other white "Peeping Tom".

These sexy slit dresses are so NOW and so sexy. So what are you waiting for?


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  1. I love your peeping Tom dresses Anna, and love the phrase! You can definitely pull it off well.