Friday, 27 July 2012

The Hong Kong Holiday Wardrobe

My attempt to "reform" my holiday packing style for Hong Kong 2012... think minimal NOT overcrowded packing...

Hong Kong.

Packing for a summer holiday is something that a lot of people seem to dread. How will I fit all my favourite clothes in a suitcase? What shall I leave out? What if I haven't packed enough clothes?

These are just some of the questions which us fashion conscious people will worry about whilst we pack our holiday suitcases.

I will just admit it now, last time I went to Hong Kong, back in 2010 I was swamped with clothes.

This may sound like the fashion stylist's dream but in reality I had brought an overwhelming amount of clothes and didn't end up wearing half the clothes in my suitcase.

Every morning, I got up and looked at my suitcase which was full to the brim with clothing. Thus, making outfit choosing feel more like wading through a jungle, as opposed to walking through a park.

I literally had a suitcase stuffed full of clothing and I was convinced that I would wear it all and did I? No!

In Hong Kong, 2010.

In hindsight I look back and think that if I had just packed a few of my favourite summer essentials then it would have been a lot easier to make fashion decisions in the mornings, leaving me more time to sunbathe and less time worrying about what to wear.

Having thought about my dream packed suitcase the other day, the ideal would be one which I could open and immediately see a few of my favourite clothing items smiling out at me, rather than a mountain of them.

In my head, the definition of this ideal suitcase would be MINIMAL. Only the really special items would make the cut.

The sensible option would be to pack around three of my favourite dresses and fourteen of my favourite tops for a two week holiday. As opposed to packing twenty of my favourite tops.

With packing kept to a minimum, it will mean that I will have more valuable space left in my suitcase for any souvenirs or unique items which I find in the markets out there.

The way I have described my ideal "reformed" Hong Kong holiday wardrobe may seem like something akin to a military operation. But, I am certain that if I make all the fashion decisions before I go away then it will ensure a more relaxing holiday.

The last thing I want to worry about on holiday is that I can't find my favourite dress because it's buried under a pile of clothes in a suitcase...

A sneak peek into my new minimally packed suitcase:

What I will pack into my suitcase... who said packing a suitcase couldn't be turned into an artistic creation?

  • Two cut out style dresses from Miss Selfridge and Topshop which are suitable for an evening out on holiday (pictured top left).

  • One green dress with appliqué detail from Warehouse (pictured top right) and an Optical Illusion print dress from River Island (pictured centre front) - a great variation from a singular toned dress. 

  • Two playsuits - great for wearing during the day (far left and far right).

  • A classic pair of old denim shorts from Topshop (pictured bottom, centre).

  • A roomy leather bag from Vera Pelle at TK MAXX - perfect for fitting all the summer essentials in for a shopping trip abroad (pictured far right).


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