Saturday, 31 August 2013

Abbey Clancy confirmed for Strictly

Abbey Clancy. Image from @OfficialClancy Twitter.

With a sudden re-location to London, rumours started spreading that Abbey Clancy was set to appear on Strictly Come Dancing and her hubby, Peter Crouch had splashed out on a new pad in North London for them. It has now been confirmed that Abbey will appear in the new series, as she tweeted a picture of herself today in a ball room dancing costume with the words 'Yes its true I will be doing Strictly #terrified #excited #SCD2013 @bbcstrictly.' Will you be tuning in to see our favourite model-wag perform?

Celebrity Super Spa

Helen Flanagan and  James 'Arg' Argent. Image from

Helen Flanagan and James 'Arg' Argent. Image from

Helen Flanagan, James 'Arg' Argent and Amy Childs. Image from

Celebrity Super Spa is Channel 5's latest reality TV offering in which celebrities try their hands at being beauty therapists, performing an array of treatments on the public in Herberts Salon, Liverpool. These budding beauticians were mentored by salon owner Herbert Howe.

Celebrities that are taking part include Helen Flanagan, James 'Arg' Argent from The Only Way is Essex, chefs Rustie Lee and John Burton Race, Most Haunted's Yvette Fielding and actor Jodi Latham. If you are a Daily Mail Online fan like me you will have seen pictures of Helen Flanagan being papped in Liverpool leaving her hotel for filming and handing out flyers in the streets to promote the show.

Helen being the ingenious girl that she is has worn a variety of eye-catching outfits for filming, from a floral bomber jacket and ripped jeans Rihanna style to a barbie dress and pink two piece matching jacket and skirt. She has also posted pictures of herself with Arg to her Instagram account, indicating that these two got on better than they did with any of the other celebs. If anything I am just excited to see this duo work together and watch their chemistry, especially seeing as they are such different characters. 

Helen is very into looking immaculate whilst Arg is quite laddish and a real practical joker, who is bound to have wound Helen up whilst filming. Indeed Arg tweeted a picture of Helen's nipples showing through a see through top. She then got him back by posting a picture of him eating fast food, taking the mick out of his huge appetite. If this is not enough, rumours are flying that Helen may make a cameo appearance in TOWIE.

The show looks set to be a reality show 'love in' as ex-TOWIE cast member Amy Childs has also undertaken some filming for the show, perhaps offering her beauty advice to the celebrity contestants.

I feel that the numerous paparazzi pictures of Helen and Arg walking around the streets of the North for filming, has made us eagerly anticipate Celebrity Super Spa even more. This coupled with the image of the squemish Helen Flanagan doing a vajazzle on someone makes the wait for the series even more tense.

Celebrity Super Spa starts on 13 September, 2013 on Channel 5.

Will you be watching?

Helen Flanagan bold outfit choices. Images from

Helen Flanagan. Image from

Friday, 30 August 2013

Will there be more unity between the Made in Chelsea girls in series 6?

Made in Chelsea girls. Fran Newman-Young, Rosie Fortescue, Lucy Watson, Lucie Rake and Binky Felstead. Image from Chris O'Neill official Twitter.

I recently reported on how Lucy Watson and Rosie Fortescue have enjoyed a budding friendship, seemingly going on nights out together and now it seems that the majority of the girls in the Made in Chelsea cast are now getting on. An image has emerged of Lucy Watson, Rosie Fortescue, Binky Felstead and Fran Newman-Young cosying up for a picture together whilst filming, along with Lucie Rake, producer of Made in Chelsea.

It is particularly surprising how Fran Newman-Young is happy to pose in the same picture with Lucy Watson, seeing as it was only last series in which she, along with her sister Olivia and friend Phoebe Lettice were hating on Lucy for showing interest in Phoebe's ex-boyfriend Alex Mytton. However perhaps Fran's friendship with Rosie Fortescue, which we saw emerging last series has introduced her into this new social set and made her more accepting of Lucy.

Cheska Hull has also posted pictures on her Instagram account of herself, Lucy and Binky wrapped in dressing gowns, enjoying time at a spa. Cheska used to be so dismissive of Lucy, so it looks like these two have also managed to put the past behind them.

Now that Millie Mackintosh has left, who was notoriously cliche with Rosie, it has allowed her to become more involved with some of the other MIC girls. It increasingly looks like we will see a more unified girl group this series, with the exception of Stephanie Pratt who is bound to ruffle some feathers!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

GOSSIP EXCLUSIVE: Danielle O'Hara gives birth to a baby boy

Danielle and Jamie O'Hara. Image from

Danielle O'Hara, formley known as Danielle Lloyd has given birth to a baby boy, named George. She tweeted the news to her followers, stating 'Me and Jamie are pleased to announce the arrival of our baby boy, we are both home and doing well. He is perfect.' 

In the weeks leading up to giving birth Danielle had made no secret of the fact that she loved the name George and admitted to being a bit gutted when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named their son George. Who knows, maybe the two George's will become playmates?

The new addition to the family is the third son for the O'Hara's.

Congratulations Danielle and Jamie!

Me and Jamie are pleased to announce the arrival of our baby boy, we are both home and doing well. He is perfect. X

Is Lily Allen making a dig at Millie Mackintosh?

Lily Allen. Image from

Millie Mackintosh. Image from

Lily Allen posted a controversial tweet this morning, stating 'Thin people who incessantly feel the need to post pictures of themselves 'working out' you are smug, not inspirational. Stop it. #living ugh'. Allen's gained a lot of attention with it currently being retweeted by 1,766 Twitter users, one which included The Saturday's Rochelle Humes.

It appears that Lily is talking about the recent trend of bikini and gym selfies in which people take pictures of their bodies, honed by the gym for all to see. Whilst she could be referring to any number of celebrities that do this such as TOWIE's Lucy Mecklenburgh or MIC's Lucy Watson. It cannot be a coincidence that Millie Mackintosh posted a bikini selfie, showing off the results of her gym workout around 20 hours before Lily posted this tweet. Millie posted this particular Instagram photo with the caption 'Hard work in the gym finally paying off! #nopainnogain', which she also posted to her Twitter page.

Lily's tweet mentions people who post pictures of themselves 'working out' and Millie's picture makes a reference to the 'gym' and the fact that she got that body through working out. Furthermore Millie has posted numerous other pictures of herself working out with her personal trainer before, so it seems likely that Lily is making a dig at her in particular.

Thin people who incessantly feel the need to post pictures of themselves 'working out' you are smug, not inspirational. Stop it. ugh

Lucy Mecklenburgh working out. Image from

Lucy Watson body selfie. Image from

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Simon Cowell and Sinitta in the running to be X Factor Fifth Judge?

Fifth Judge. Image from

The current line up includes Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and Gary Barlow. Image from

(From left to right): SInitta in St Tropez and Simon Cowell boards his flight back to the UK with pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman. Images from

The X Factor producers have teased us by releasing a statement declaring that there will be a fifth judge who will be announced on Friday. There is growing speculation over who this fifth judge is. However we can almost certainly rule out Cheryl Cole and Alexandra Burke. Cole famously got fired from the X Factor USA and since then has been focusing on her own personal projects and has well and truly left the X Factor stage of her career behind. Alexandra Burke appeared as a guest judge in 2011 and was slated by the critics and audience alike.

There is a possibility that Geri Halliwell and Mel B may be in the lining, however Geri was not overwhelmingly popular with viewers and Mel B is very settled in America. But as she has finished filming for America's Got Talent it is still conceivable that she could do a stint on X Factor. On the other hand she recently retweeted the official Twitter page for the dance show 'Stepping Out', in which the tweet stated 'Mel B to judge ITV dance show 'Stepping Out'? So it looks unlikely that she will join X Factor, seeing as Stepping Out launches on August 31, the same date that the new series of X Factor begins.

This only leaves one candidate for fifth judge and that is Simon Cowell. It cannot be a coincidence that Cowell has just flown into the UK the same week that the fifth judge is set to be announced? The X Factor is his 'baby' and guiding the show to becoming a ratings success is a top priority for the music mogul. The show has had to compete with popular BBC productions such as The Voice and Strictly Come Dancing, which X Factor goes head to head against in the ratings wars. Last year saw more viewers tuning into Strictly than X Factor, so who better to boast the ratings than the King of mean himself?

Although Simon Cowell is a judge on X Factor USA which starts on September 11, we have not been told how long this fifth judge's role will last, so it is possible that Simon could be a temporary guest judge until his X Factor USA commitments begin.

Another possibility is that it could be Sinitta, 80s pop star and Simon's ex girlfriend. She was recently spotted joining Simon on his holiday in St Tropez, alongside his lover Lauren Silverman. This in itself seems odd that Sinitta would gatecrash a romantic reconciliation. So the fact that she did suggests that Simon may have enlisted her on board the X Factor machine and wanted her there, to talk business before the fifth judge is announced. With music experience and small appearances on the show she could be in the running for this role. All that is left to do now is to sit and wait for the fifth judge to be announced. Is there a chance that it could be Simon or Sinitta? What do you think?

: Mel B to judge ITV dance show 'Stepping Out'? ” ????

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

GOSSIP EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Osbourne defends Miley Cyrus after VMAs performance

Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne. Image from

Miley Cyrus on the red carpet at the VMAs. Image from

There were a lot of celebrities who were quick to criticise Miley Cyrus after her controversial performance at the VMAs. However friend, Kelly Osbourne has rushed to defend Miley. She posted on her Twitter page 'I wish (people) ppl would back off @MileyCyrus her red carpet outfit was amazing yes she pushed peoples buttons but she is young and expressing herself'. It seems that Kelly is willing to give her friend the benefit of the doubt as she too, went though several experimental stages growing up, which resulted in radical changes to her hair colour and style. Jodie Harsh has also stuck up for Miley, tweeting 'Miley Cyrus' peformance at the VMA's was classy, dignified and fabulous.'

Kelly Osbourne in her 'experimental' stage. Image from

I wish ppl would back off her red carpet outfit was amazing yes she pushed peoples buttons but she is young & expressing herself
Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMA's was classy, dignified and fabulous.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Why did Miley Cyrus put on such a crude display?

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. Image from

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at the VMAs. Image from

Viewers and celebrities alike were shocked as they witnessed Miley Cyrus' performance at the VMAs in which she stripped off her leotard, revealing a bra and pants combo and then "twerked" and grinded against Robin Thicke, the married Blurred Lines star. Miley put on a sexual display wiggling her bum and pointing to Thicke's crotch. Many will be thinking WHY did she do this?

Whilst you could speculate that Miley's actions were spontaneous and un-choreographed, it is very plain that she planned this as she tweeted days before her performance "If everybody were like everybody else, how boring it would be.", hinting at the wacky performance she would give. She also tweeted 'Dear VMAs, I am about to fvvvvckkkkk yoooooo shitttttt uppppppppp. Love, Miley', suggesting that she had something controversial organised.

Days before Miley had been posting tweets about her new album 'BANGERZ' and repeatedly asked fans to #votemiley to win a VMA. It is very probable that she put on such an inappropriate performance to get publicity for her new single, following the example of others such as Madonna and Britney Spears whose kiss in 2003 generated a media storm. Miley even told MTV ahead of her perfomance that it would be "crazier" than the Madonna and Britney moment. Miley's twerking is up there with Britney Spears shaven head and Lady Gaga's meat dress. She's just another star, willing to compromise the public opinion of her in order to sell records.

“If everybody were like everybody else, how boring it would be." –Eeyore 🙏

Sunday, 25 August 2013

My Celebrity Big Brother predictions

Celebrity Big Brother has only just started but I am certain that this will be an eventful series. Here are my predictions:

1. The public will fall in love with Mario and he will make the final

Mario Falcone. Image from

As Mario Falcone went into the house he appeared nervous and very composed. Since being in the house he has become bosom buddies with Carol McGiffin, entertaining us with the thought that him and Carol will make a lovely couple. He has also played house detective, uncovering Big Brother's secret cult of celebrity and rightly guessing that the three house newbies put Ron Atkinson up for eviction. Although Mario has played the TOWIE Villian, I predict that CBB will show a new side to Mario, after all Celebrity Big Brother is more real than the constructed reality that is TOWIE.

2. Abz and Mario will have some major disagreements

Abz Love. Image from

Abz Love and Mario seem so similar that I am not sure they will get on. They both seem quite headstrong and quietly clever, that they are bound to clash other something. Indeed Abz stated in the diary room that he found Mario rude when he first met him. I don't think you will see a bromance developing here!

3. Vicky Entwhistle will become the house mother

Vicky Entwhistle. Image from

There is always a house mother in Big Brother that makes people food, cleans up after the housemates and offers her wise words of wisdom. This year I think Vicky Entwhistle will play this role as she is quite loud and has a commanding presence.

4. Bruce will have a huge bust up

Bruce Jones. Image from

Bruce Jones is certainly not a chilled character, as I recall watching him on Celebrity Wife Swap and seeing how stubborn and argumentative he was. I think he is certain to orchestrate a massive argument in the house.

5. Carol will get partially naked

Carol McGiffin. Image from

Carol McGiffin is no shrinking violet and is known for being very outspoken and bold. She has also publicly flashed her knickers before. It seems that every year there is a housemate that gets naked and either runs round the garden or slips into the Jacuzzi. Carol has already shown her legs to Mario, so I would not be surprised if she stripped completely!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Celebrity reactions to Cheryl Cole's new tattoo

Cheryl Cole's rose tattoo. Image from

Onlookers at the Girls Aloud reunion tour were shocked enough to see part of Cheryl Cole's back inked with roses, now it turns out that Cheryl had gone all the way out and got her bottom tattooed as well, extending the rose design. Most girls are happy with roses on Valentines day, but not Cheryl, she wants them everyday.

Judging from people's reactions on Twitter, everyone is in shock, with some journalists labeling it a 'tramp stamp' aka a 'chav stamp'. Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson seems to be in agreement as she tweeted 'What was Cheryl thinking. #nodoggynodiggity'. Castmember Lucy Watson seemed speechless as she tweeted 'Cheryl Coles extended tattoo ... Discuss'. Never one to mince her words, another MIC lady, Victoria Baker Harber wrote on her Twitter page 'Cheryl Cole's tattoo makes her look like an exhibit from Bodyworks.'

However Chezza's soldiers are out in force, declaring their love for their idol's new inking. Michelle Keegan has also tweeted her support saying 'No gonna lie I actually heart @CherylCole new tattoo #dontcare X'. Michelle Heaton also declared that she likes it tweeting 'showed my husband Cheryl's tattoo.. His reply to me was "Wow what a waste of an ass" mmmm should I be jealous or relieved lol...I like it! X.' 

The Only Way is Essex's Bobby Norris has also shown appreciation for Cheryl's tattoo tweeting, 'Is it only me who is loving @CherylCole latest tattoo? #beaut.'

Cheryl's tattoo is representative of another celebrity who has stacks of cash but does not know what to spend it on. All I can think is what is it going to look like when she parades around on the beach in a bikini?! That said, at least it conceals any dimples she may get on her bottom as she ages! 

What was Cheryl thinking.
Cheryl Coles extended tattoo ... Discuss
No gonna lie I actually heart 💗 new tattoo! X

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

GOSSIP EXCLUSIVE: Vas J Morgan: Tulisa has been attacking me

(From left to right:) Chloe Green, Vas J Morgan and Tulisa. Images from and

Within the same week that Tulisa denied attacking a blogger at V Festival, who it now appears is Vas J Morgan, a friend of Chloe Green, the guy himself has made an official statement on his website documenting the series of attacks that Tulisa has inflicted on him over the past two years. Morgan lists the attacks, one being that Tulisa had him removed from her table in a nightclub and he also alleges that he experienced an attack from her PA Gareth Varey, who he claims spotted him in a nightclub and punched him. However Morgan states that the 'final straw' was recently at V Festival when Tulisa spotted him walking through the same exit and unleashed a tirade of 'abusive comments and ludicrous accusations'.

To read the full statement click here:

Henry's Café Bar Cardiff

Henry's Café Bar Cardiff. Image from

Cocktail. Image from

I recently went to Henry's Café Bar Cardiff and was so impressed by the sophisticated setting and atmosphere. The cocktails are incredible too, with a ride range of drinks with stylish names to match the restaurant, diners are spoilt for choice. First of all I went for a Raspberry & Vanilla Mojito which was delicious and healthy too with plenty of raspberries in it. I also had Henry's Mai Tai which was spectacular, especially as the fruit floating at the top of the drink was set alight, producing a dazzling effect. Henry's also have restaurants in Covent Garden, Piccadilly, West India Quay (Canary Wharf) and Bromley, all located in London. Its well worth a visit if you are looking for somewhere to celebrate a birthday in style or simple want to enjoy some delicious food and beverages. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

GOSSIP EXCLUSIVE: Rosie Fortescue and Lucy Watson - an unlikely friendship

(From left to right): Rosie Fortescue and Lucy Watson. Images from

Made in Chelsea have just started filming for series 6 and it would seem that two castmates have formed an unlikely friendship. Rosie Fortescue and Lucy Watson who used to point blank ignore each other have formed some kind of friendship as they have been tweeting each other a lot recently. 

This is a surprising alliance, as previously we have seen Rosie take the mickey out of Lucy's famous 'get up in your grill' phrase alongside her BFF Millie Mackintosh. Other than that the girls have had little interaction with Rosie sticking with her bosom buddy Millie and Lucy mingling with a whole variety of the Made in Chelsea cast. 

However this is not the first time Rosie has not got on with someone and then suddenly struck up a close friendship, as she did just that with Millie Mackintosh who she had fallen out with by kissing Millie's boyfriend of the time, Hugo Taylor. The arch rivals then made up and became close friends.

Rosie and Lucy have specifically been discussing their hangovers, indicating they may have enjoyed a night out together and Lucy tweeted how 'pretty' Rosie was looking one day. Whilst the girls are yet to cuddle up for a bestie selfie, it looks like these two will be in a few scenes together in the next series. Stay tuned!

Image from @imLucyWatson Official Twitter page

Monday, 19 August 2013

STYLE SNATCHER: Chloé imitation boots

Chloe Susanna Boots. Image from

Sienna Miller. Image from google images

Kate Bosworth. Image from google images

Kourtney Kardashian. Image from google images

The Chloé Susanna studded leather boots, (£795 from Net-A- Porter) have been popular in celebville for a while now and have been worn by celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth and Kourtney Kardashian. 

These ankle boots are a cross between biker and punk, but these ladies have managed to make them look girly by teaming them with their everyday outfits. They are also very versatile as they can be worn in summer with a skirt and top combo or can be worn in winter with jeans and a leather jacket. Searching the internet I could barely find anything under £50 which looked similar to the originals. I found a pair by Steve Madden which are strikingly similar but not cheapest style snatcher at £120.

Most retailers stocked them last autumn winter and have now sold out. However, after lots of internet trailing I came across some 'Black Buckle Silver Stud Ankle Boots' by Truffle on Oh My Love. The pair that I found literally look identical and are much cheaper than the Chloé boots at £32.00.

Black Buckle Silver Stud Ankle Boots by Truffle at Oh My Love. Image from