Tuesday, 20 August 2013

GOSSIP EXCLUSIVE: Rosie Fortescue and Lucy Watson - an unlikely friendship

(From left to right): Rosie Fortescue and Lucy Watson. Images from reveal.co.uk

Made in Chelsea have just started filming for series 6 and it would seem that two castmates have formed an unlikely friendship. Rosie Fortescue and Lucy Watson who used to point blank ignore each other have formed some kind of friendship as they have been tweeting each other a lot recently. 

This is a surprising alliance, as previously we have seen Rosie take the mickey out of Lucy's famous 'get up in your grill' phrase alongside her BFF Millie Mackintosh. Other than that the girls have had little interaction with Rosie sticking with her bosom buddy Millie and Lucy mingling with a whole variety of the Made in Chelsea cast. 

However this is not the first time Rosie has not got on with someone and then suddenly struck up a close friendship, as she did just that with Millie Mackintosh who she had fallen out with by kissing Millie's boyfriend of the time, Hugo Taylor. The arch rivals then made up and became close friends.

Rosie and Lucy have specifically been discussing their hangovers, indicating they may have enjoyed a night out together and Lucy tweeted how 'pretty' Rosie was looking one day. Whilst the girls are yet to cuddle up for a bestie selfie, it looks like these two will be in a few scenes together in the next series. Stay tuned!

Image from @imLucyWatson Official Twitter page

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