Wednesday, 21 August 2013

GOSSIP EXCLUSIVE: Vas J Morgan: Tulisa has been attacking me

(From left to right:) Chloe Green, Vas J Morgan and Tulisa. Images from and

Within the same week that Tulisa denied attacking a blogger at V Festival, who it now appears is Vas J Morgan, a friend of Chloe Green, the guy himself has made an official statement on his website documenting the series of attacks that Tulisa has inflicted on him over the past two years. Morgan lists the attacks, one being that Tulisa had him removed from her table in a nightclub and he also alleges that he experienced an attack from her PA Gareth Varey, who he claims spotted him in a nightclub and punched him. However Morgan states that the 'final straw' was recently at V Festival when Tulisa spotted him walking through the same exit and unleashed a tirade of 'abusive comments and ludicrous accusations'.

To read the full statement click here:

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