Monday, 24 September 2012

Happy 10 years of fantastic STYLE

The Sunday Times Style Magazine's FIERCE covers: (From the top): Lily Cole, Rhianna, Emma Watson, Eva Herzigova. (Bottom): Blake Lively and Helena Bonham Carter.

This is a blog post driven by my love of The Sunday Times Style magazine and a celebration of the 10th anniversary of a magazine which I have practically grown up with. Yesterday, Style Magazine celebrated its 10th birthday, 10 years of bringing us fantastic coverage of fashion from a witty and intelligent perspective.

Style Magazine has brightened up my Sunday's since what feels like forever. Every Sunday, running down the stairs, getting my hands on Style magazine and greedily reading it cover to cover has became a Sunday ritual of mine, from my teenage years and on into my twenties.

Style magazine has had some pretty fierce covers (see photo), provided by the likes of cover stars such as Rhianna, Blake Lively, Lily Cole and Helena Bonham Carter. As a magazine it has succeeded in bringing us the latest figures of popular culture and putting them closely under the Style spotlight. From the HOT LIST to WARDROBE MISTRESS the magazine has iconic features, which will stay with me for life.

#Happy10th Style Magazine.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sabina Bryntesson at #LFW

A shot of a dress from Sabina Bryntesson S/S 13 collection.

I was fortunate to be able to see Sabina Bryntesson's spring summer 13 presentation for Vauxhall Fashion Scout at Freemasons hall today. Sabina Bryntesson, as a relatively new designer has recently caught the attention of Vogue, so you can imagine the buzz surrounding her S/S 13 collection. Sabina Bryntesson is noted, for her distinctive style, which includes pointy hats. I quietly wondered before the show, whether the pointed hats from her autumn winter 12/13 collection would be carried through to S/S 13. Bryntesson did not disappoint, all the models were wearing hats with a pointed tip.

Sabina Bryntesson once stated that she would rather her designs be called 'ugly' and get a reaction than no reaction at all. However, Sabina's collection was anything other than ugly, with pastel coloured, feminine dresses. The whole collection has such a fluidity to it because all the dresses bore the same style. One, which is comprised of simply tailored dresses with muted tones, accessorized with a pointed hat. There are lots of exciting details in the designs as well, with collars, panels and layers. The understated elegance of Sabina Bryntesson's S/S 13 collection proves that she is definitely one to watch.

Sabina Bryntesson S/S 13 collection.

A beautiful pastel blue dress: Sabina Bryntesson S/S 13 collection.

Check out the collar on that top and panel detail: Sabina Bryntesson S/S 13 collection.

Muted yellow and grey tones: Sabina Bryntesson S/S 13 collection.

A royal blue dress fit for a Queen: Sabina Bryntesson S/S 13 collection.

The distinctive pointed hat emodies the Bryntesson style: Sabina Bryntesson S/S 13 collection.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

#LFW day one: Review

My favourite designs from day one of London Fashion Week:

New York Fashion Week showed us Brits how fashion week was done last week with a series of amazing shows from Victoria Beckham to Marchesa. But, now its time for London Fashion Week to take its turn and show us the best of British design talent.

London Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with a bang. My twitter feed was full of various people raving about Zoe Jordan, which was a particular highlight of day one of fashion week. Other collections which received significant attention were Sass & Bide, Felder Felder and Antonio & Alison. 


Zoe Jordan S/S 13 collection. Image from

Zoe Jordan's spring summer 2013 collection had a lot of people enthusing about it for its relaxed, sporty vibe. A laid back summery style was showcased, which best sums up how British women like to dress in summertime. We like to throw on casual yet fashionable outfits and keep makeup and hair very minimal. This was reflected in the models who graced Zoe Jordan's catwalk with damp hair (see above). An outfit I particularly liked from the collection was a pink suit, with bandeau, blazer and trousers. This design projects how you can mix summer pastels with a suit style to create a refined elegance, with a look that is the perfect balance of a laid back / formal style. This style encapsulates the Zoe Jordan girl perfectly.


Antonio and Alison S/S 2013 collection. Images from

The artist within me absolutely loves Antonio & Alison's spring summer 2013 collection. Their whole collection looks like something a contemporary artist would paint. Just look at the lines on that dress (left), doesn't it look like lines of charcoal or black ink? The way that these eccentric strokes are paired with a simple dress form creates a relaxed feel to the design, which is essential because the dress is so busy with patterns. I also love the pink floor length dress from the collection. This dress combines an interesting mix of femininity through the pink colour, with black strokes and a pattern on the upper body which gives the dress an edgey feel.


Felder Felder S/S 2013 collection. Images from

The Felder Felder catwalk show was another highlight of day one, all the models looked very sleek in an array of sophisticated designs. Felder Felder showcased an interesting print, one which looked like leopard print but close up is a very muted blue tone with what looks like shell patterns all over it. I love the way the print was weaved into various designs and mixed with simple tones to create a striking look.


Sass & Bide S/S 2013 collection. Images from

Sass & Bide as a collection has the propensity to wow, with a combination of masculine tailoring and glamorous dresses. If Sass & Bide's spring summer 2013 collection is anything to go on, then the masculine tailoring of autumn winter 2012 will be carried through into spring summer. Various models such as the one on the left, were adorned in loose fitting trousers which scream tomboy chic. A striking white dress from the collection is evocative of something that Cleopatra might have worn, with its white column like fit and gold neck and waist detail. Sass & Bide proved that they perfectly understand how casual wear and formal wear is constructed. 


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Rachel Zoe comes back with a bang at New York Fashion Week.

After criticism from the Fashion industry over a slump in sales of her clothing line, Rachel Zoe has created a fabulous spring summer 2013 collection which will have her fiercest critics kicking themselves...

Rachel Zoe. Image from Google Images

Zoe must have been understandably anxious about the reception of her spring summer 2013 NYFW show given the recent negative press she has suffered. Image from @RachelZoe Official Twitter

After recent trouble with sales of her clothing line Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist and fashion designer, has come back with a bang at New York Fashion Week, with a glamorous spring summer 2013 collection which will have her fiercest critics running for the hills. It was only just a few weeks ago that the media laid into the former stylist, saying that as a fashion designer she had had her day because of a major slump in sales. Once Selfridges decided to stop stocking Zoe's clothing line, critics were quick to wade in saying that Zoe's career as a fashion designer was uncertain.

 Darling Thank You! The show was Amazing! I Love the collection!!xx

Charlotte Tilbury, the makeup artist who created the makeup looks for Rachel Zoe's show clearly loves Zoe's spring summer 2013 collection.

But, I stayed positive because I know how great Zoe is. She has a flair for fashion and style that is impossible to pin down. Here is a woman who lives and breathes fashion, to the extent that she is never papped leaving the house looking anything but fabulous and her son Skylar is always dressed impeccably in the latest baby trends.

Rachel Zoe spring summer 2013 collection. Image from Google Images.

Zoe's models sashayed down the catwalk in a series of glamorous outfits which proved that she really is the queen of LA style. Her designs are ones that you could quite easily imagine a Hollywood actress wearing. Take the gold sequinned floor length dress for instance. This is a show stopping dress which screams glamour all over. The slouchy dress creates a relaxed kind of glamour, one which Zoe does well. This is a woman who has worked closely with all the top names in the industry. From Nicole Richie to Cameron Diaz, she has styled their red carpet looks to perfection. There is no doubting that this woman's catwalk show was ever going to fall flat on its face.

Image from Google Images

Zoe's casual catwalk attire was also incredible, which is seen on a model who wore striking mint green summer shorts and a glitzy sequinned top. There is no arguing with this look, it proves that you can mix a simple pair of shorts with a sequinned top for a chic daytime look, which can also be worn at night. Zoe, herself said that her designs are inspired by the glamorous LA woman and her designs reflect this glamour perfectly. This is a woman with the ability to understand and connect with the LA fashion scene and showcase this in her collection. Rachel Zoe is a fashion force, she has faced her critics head on with her spring summer 2013 collection, proving to them that she has still got IT. On that note, I will let Zoe speak or Tweet for herself!

Overwhelmed by all the kind words about the spring special to read all of these & know ur as excited about it as I am!! xoRZ

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

INCREDIBLE Manolo Blahnick shoes in Victoria Beckham, spring summer 2013 NYFW show.

Whilst everyone is pouring over Victoria Beckham's dresses from her spring summer 2013 collection from New York Fashion Week, I can't help but stare at the shoes on her catwalk. Yes, of all parts of an outfit to focus on from a fashion show I am picking the shoes, because they are just amazing. Where do I start?

Designed by Manolo Blahnik, these shoes were never going to be a let down. I love them because they are so different. They can be summed up like this: gladiator inspired, Romanesque, with a long leather boot leg. 

Images from

Models throughout the catwalk show were adorned with this style of shoes. Something which is impressive, is the way that these gladiator-esque shoes were styled with dresses yet still looked amazing. These are shoes which can be paired with a feminine dress to create a bold and confident look.

Victoria Beckham. Image from

Victoria, herself was even wearing similar shoes, which she showcased when she made an appearance at the end of her fashion show. If they are good enough for VB, they are good enough for us. Now, if only the high street would follow suit and produce shoes which are this incredible.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Alexander Wang at New York Fashion Week


Image from

I almost leapt with joy when I saw pictures from Alexander Wang's show from New York Fashion Week. Wang's spring summer 2013 collection showed a whole array of cut out detail on dresses, with sexy slits everywhere.

If you have been following my blog closely then you will remember that I am a fan of the cut out dress or "Peeping Tom" as I like to call it. 

Although I love this style, I thought that it would have its fashionable moment and then peak, resulting in women going back to wearing "normally" tailored dresses.

But, if Wang's spring summer 13 collection is anything to go by then cut out dresses are here to stay, at least for another season or two. 

Erin Wasson modelling Alexander Wang at NYFW.  Image from

Indeed, Wang's collection presented an interesting assortment of cut out details, with slits that can be traced from the model Erin Wasson's thigh up to her chest.

This, accompanied by cut out detail around her neck and a vertical slit running down the dress, creates a very striking look. This is the way that a modern Grecian goddess would be styled (if there was such a thing). 

With lots of sexy slits and cut out detail in all the wrong places, Wang knows that the modern woman no longer wants to wear simply tailored dresses with a conventional look. 

If Cinderella was around today she wouldn't want to wear a ball gown. She would want to jazz up the proceedings in a Wong style dress with slits in all the wrong but actually RIGHT places!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Ozone at the Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong

The experience of Ozone, the highest bar in the world is one that you will never forget...

Before my recent trip to Hong Kong friends had asked me whether I had been to the worlds highest bar in Hong Kong. But as it happens I had never been to Ozone because it wasn't open in 2010 when I first went to Hong Kong.

After reading a feature in InStyle magazine entitled 'FASHION east' which stated that a visit to Ozone is a must because there are 'Amazing views', I was even more desperate to go. 

The amazing bar in Ozone.

When I went I was absolutely blown away, as the bar is located in what has to one of the poshest hotels in the world. As I entered the hotel lobby of the Ritz Carlton I was wowed by what appeared to be lots of shiny marble surfaces everywhere, with glitz and glamorous people flitting about. 

Then I entered an elevator which took me up to Ozone. This was an experience in itself because as we ascended upwards in what is probably the most chic elevator I have been in, my ears started to pop. It then dawned on me how high this bar really is.

As I entered Ozone I was further blown away, as the bar is impeccable. This, coupled with various important looking people sat around created the ultimate appearance of exclusivity.

A view of the incredible lights of Hong Kong.

Sitting out on the terrace made the experience even more worthwhile. Here is where the 'Amazing views' of Hong Kong are to be seen. I was blown away by just how high up we were. Despite being normally scared of heights, I could quite easily look down on Hong Kong because the views are so impressive that there is no way you could miss them.

From high up in the Ozone bar you get an impressive view of Kowloon and Central Hong Kong. It was even better going at night time as I could see all the dazzling lights of Hong Kong. For an English person this is especially exciting because the buildings of London are never gleaming with colourful light effects unless its a special occasion.

A Dragon Fruit cocktail and the incredible views of Hong Kong.

A view of the incredible lights of Hong Kong accompanied with a fabulous drink and stunning bar is absolute bliss. Although the drinks are expensive, they are worth every dollar. I can particularly recommend the 'Dragon Fruit' cocktail which I had as it was simply delicious. Incidentally, dragon fruit is native to China, so even more reason to sample this cocktail if you're a tourist!

The service in Ozone is also great. The waitors there were so polite and helpful, something which you would expect from a bar of Ozone's calibre. 

On the whole Ozone is an incredible experience and one worth doing if you venture out to Hong Kong. With a spectacular bar, stunning views, delicious drinks and fantastic service you could want for nothing more. Ozone is certainly an experience that you will never forget.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hong Kong: a city for the fashionable

Mannequins in a shop window in a Kowloon shopping mall.

Hong Kong, in case anyone wasn't aware is a very fashion conscious city. This is something which I have noticed the few times that I have been there. Indeed, on my recent trip there I made a mental note that the shopping malls are clean, chic and modern. This accompanied by malls which are full of designer shops and immaculately dressed Hong Kong women dotted about makes for an exciting shopping experience.

A wander into the shopping mall in the International Finance Centre (IFC), gives you a taste of the Hong Kong shopping experience. For one, it is markedly different from the one in this country. The shopping malls are clean (if not ruthlessly so) and the shops look extremely presentable. This may seem of small matter to a lot of people, but I think that well-furnished, impeccable shops help the shopper to have the ultimate shopping experience. The clothes do not necessarily sell for themselves. Sometimes the whole look of a shop can impress you, making you want to buy something.

A Lane Crawford store in Kowloon looking immaculate.

A coveted designer shop in Hong Kong is undoubtedly Lane Crawford which are dotted everywhere in Hong Kong. Lane Crawford is a real selling point for the Hong Kong fashion scene because the brand was founded there and is recognized internationally for selling the latest chic clothes and accessories. The Chinese are clearly very proud of the brand, something which is reflected in the big glowing 'Lane Crawford' logos and the fabulous window displays.

Another great fashion export of Hong Kong is the Armani shopping mall in Central. In Britain a whole shopping centre stuffed full of Armani stores would seem extravagant, but somehow it fits well into the fashionable climate of Hong Kong. In fact, this particular shopping mall prides itself so highly on a presentable appearance that I was told off by a concierge for sitting against an Armani campaign board.

If you're sat there thinking, well Hong Kong is only for the rich who have the money to spend in all those designer shops then you're wrong. Some of the shopping malls stock British high street favourites such as Zara and Accessorize. There are also markets over there where you can get some fantastically cheap but chic purchases. Hong Kong has lot of markets such as one's in Lan Kwai Fong, Stanley and Kowloon.

Kowloon night market: a real treasure trove.

A popular market for tourists is the night market in Kowloon which I went to and found some great purchases. Among them were an "I heart Hong Kong" top (ok, it just had to be bought), and a cute little silver cocktail ring. Admittedly, just like any other market you will have to haggle as much as possible and do some rummaging for the really cool items.

I found myself staring blankly at a whole case of rings that all looked funky and hip only to decide that none of them took my fancy. But, that's just all part of exploring a market, there's a lot of odd tat to sift through, but once you've done that you can find some real gems!  Some of my most unique and treasured items have come from markets abroad so I cannot recommend market shopping enough.

The cocktail ring I found at the Kowloon night market.

Detail of the scarf I found at Stanley market.

Another great market in Hong Kong is Stanley market. There are a lot of stalls selling fantastic items which you will be hard pressed to anywhere else. The fun of going market shopping is that you never know what you will find. Whilst I was stood at a scarf stall at Stanley market, I looked over fleetingly at a scarf rack and BAM a scarf caught my eye and that was it...I had to get it!

So, if you're a fashion conscious woman, or just simply love shopping then Hong Kong is definitely your place. Whilst most people think of cities such as New York or Paris as the best place to shop, I think that there is something special about the Hong Kong retail market. Before you're planning your next trip abroad to a fashion forward city, I would urge you to think again and consider the fantastic shopping facilities that Hong Kong has to offer.

So what do you think...are you tempted to go to Hong Kong or are you a New York shopper through and through? If you have any questions about Hong Kong and what there is to see and do then Tweet me @Fearon91 or drop me an email at