Saturday, 15 September 2012

#LFW day one: Review

My favourite designs from day one of London Fashion Week:

New York Fashion Week showed us Brits how fashion week was done last week with a series of amazing shows from Victoria Beckham to Marchesa. But, now its time for London Fashion Week to take its turn and show us the best of British design talent.

London Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with a bang. My twitter feed was full of various people raving about Zoe Jordan, which was a particular highlight of day one of fashion week. Other collections which received significant attention were Sass & Bide, Felder Felder and Antonio & Alison. 


Zoe Jordan S/S 13 collection. Image from

Zoe Jordan's spring summer 2013 collection had a lot of people enthusing about it for its relaxed, sporty vibe. A laid back summery style was showcased, which best sums up how British women like to dress in summertime. We like to throw on casual yet fashionable outfits and keep makeup and hair very minimal. This was reflected in the models who graced Zoe Jordan's catwalk with damp hair (see above). An outfit I particularly liked from the collection was a pink suit, with bandeau, blazer and trousers. This design projects how you can mix summer pastels with a suit style to create a refined elegance, with a look that is the perfect balance of a laid back / formal style. This style encapsulates the Zoe Jordan girl perfectly.


Antonio and Alison S/S 2013 collection. Images from

The artist within me absolutely loves Antonio & Alison's spring summer 2013 collection. Their whole collection looks like something a contemporary artist would paint. Just look at the lines on that dress (left), doesn't it look like lines of charcoal or black ink? The way that these eccentric strokes are paired with a simple dress form creates a relaxed feel to the design, which is essential because the dress is so busy with patterns. I also love the pink floor length dress from the collection. This dress combines an interesting mix of femininity through the pink colour, with black strokes and a pattern on the upper body which gives the dress an edgey feel.


Felder Felder S/S 2013 collection. Images from

The Felder Felder catwalk show was another highlight of day one, all the models looked very sleek in an array of sophisticated designs. Felder Felder showcased an interesting print, one which looked like leopard print but close up is a very muted blue tone with what looks like shell patterns all over it. I love the way the print was weaved into various designs and mixed with simple tones to create a striking look.


Sass & Bide S/S 2013 collection. Images from

Sass & Bide as a collection has the propensity to wow, with a combination of masculine tailoring and glamorous dresses. If Sass & Bide's spring summer 2013 collection is anything to go on, then the masculine tailoring of autumn winter 2012 will be carried through into spring summer. Various models such as the one on the left, were adorned in loose fitting trousers which scream tomboy chic. A striking white dress from the collection is evocative of something that Cleopatra might have worn, with its white column like fit and gold neck and waist detail. Sass & Bide proved that they perfectly understand how casual wear and formal wear is constructed. 


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