Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Ozone at the Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong

The experience of Ozone, the highest bar in the world is one that you will never forget...

Before my recent trip to Hong Kong friends had asked me whether I had been to the worlds highest bar in Hong Kong. But as it happens I had never been to Ozone because it wasn't open in 2010 when I first went to Hong Kong.

After reading a feature in InStyle magazine entitled 'FASHION east' which stated that a visit to Ozone is a must because there are 'Amazing views', I was even more desperate to go. 

The amazing bar in Ozone.

When I went I was absolutely blown away, as the bar is located in what has to one of the poshest hotels in the world. As I entered the hotel lobby of the Ritz Carlton I was wowed by what appeared to be lots of shiny marble surfaces everywhere, with glitz and glamorous people flitting about. 

Then I entered an elevator which took me up to Ozone. This was an experience in itself because as we ascended upwards in what is probably the most chic elevator I have been in, my ears started to pop. It then dawned on me how high this bar really is.

As I entered Ozone I was further blown away, as the bar is impeccable. This, coupled with various important looking people sat around created the ultimate appearance of exclusivity.

A view of the incredible lights of Hong Kong.

Sitting out on the terrace made the experience even more worthwhile. Here is where the 'Amazing views' of Hong Kong are to be seen. I was blown away by just how high up we were. Despite being normally scared of heights, I could quite easily look down on Hong Kong because the views are so impressive that there is no way you could miss them.

From high up in the Ozone bar you get an impressive view of Kowloon and Central Hong Kong. It was even better going at night time as I could see all the dazzling lights of Hong Kong. For an English person this is especially exciting because the buildings of London are never gleaming with colourful light effects unless its a special occasion.

A Dragon Fruit cocktail and the incredible views of Hong Kong.

A view of the incredible lights of Hong Kong accompanied with a fabulous drink and stunning bar is absolute bliss. Although the drinks are expensive, they are worth every dollar. I can particularly recommend the 'Dragon Fruit' cocktail which I had as it was simply delicious. Incidentally, dragon fruit is native to China, so even more reason to sample this cocktail if you're a tourist!

The service in Ozone is also great. The waitors there were so polite and helpful, something which you would expect from a bar of Ozone's calibre. 

On the whole Ozone is an incredible experience and one worth doing if you venture out to Hong Kong. With a spectacular bar, stunning views, delicious drinks and fantastic service you could want for nothing more. Ozone is certainly an experience that you will never forget.

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