Saturday, 16 November 2013

Abbey Clancy is too Fabby

Abbey Clancy on the go. Image credit:

Abbey Clancy once lived up North and kept a low profile down South, however now she's on Strictly Come Dancing she makes a regular appearance on the streets of London.

Of late, Abbey has been papped running into Notting Hill eateries and going on the coffee run in Camden. This of course, only means one thing, we get a regular sighting of her finely honed figure. This is not only indicative of how Strictly Come Dancing tones celebrities up within weeks but also builds Abbey's profile as 'fabby Abbey'.

Abbey Clancy is a poster girl for the yummy mummy and woman that appears to have it all - a career and family life, which each receive equal attention. She is slowing turning into something of the Elle Macpherson or Patsy Kensit, without the string of high profile boyfriends.

The longer we all stare at Abbey's tosh and ability to be constantly on the go but look fabulous, the more she becomes 'fabby'. And don't even get us started on the adoration she receives from the top fashion guns - Katie Grand and Julien Macdonald. She's just too 'fabby' for her own good.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Bunchies are trending

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with bunchies in the Marks and Spencer Christmas advert 2013. Image from

Lucy Mecklenburgh. Image from @lucy_meck Official Twitter page.

Bunchies are everywhere this season. What was once just a schoolgirls way of tying up her hair is now a twenty something woman's way of expressing her playful side.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley showcased her bunchies in the recent Marks and Spencer Christmas advert which portrays her as something of a young Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz with red heeled shoes and hair styled in bunchies.

Lucy Mecklenburgh has also tapped into the bunchies trend, posing in gym gear with loosely styled hair, proving that even when working out bunchies look hot.

What do you think of bunchies? Will you be styling your hair like this?