Monday, 25 June 2012

Pamper yourself in the summer sun, I dare you...

Nail colour: Ciaté paint pots vernis à angles in bon bon (good enought to lick...just like a lavender bon bon sweetie!)

Its tempting to just recline on the sun lounger soaking up the sun, thanking the lord that you don't have to lather on the St. Tropez anymore...

But, why not also pamper yourself outside, whilst sunbathing?...


I love painting my nails outside, because:

a.) I don't have to smell the smell of nail varnish

b.) Your nails will dry quicker in the sun

c.) Why not? Women can multi task...right?!

SO soak up the rays and spend your summer days painting one of your most prized possessions: your nails!

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Think FRESH sweet smelling and nourishing moisturisers prepping your body for the summer sun...

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E. (A beauty staple for many).

Quite simply we're spoilt for choice with moisturisers.

There's so many on the market that its hard to wittle them down and say, HEY that's the one for me!

But, I can make it a little easier for you giving you a simple guide on picking out moisturisers and show you some of my favourite moisturisers - which are guaranteed to nourish your skin and leave it smelling sickly sweet.

The simple guide to picking a body moisturiser.

1. First of all identify your skin type. Is your skin oily, combination or dry? Once you've decided wich category you fall into, it will make picking a moisturiser that little bit easier. For example I have dry skin so I tend to pick moisturisers that are lightweight but promise to nourish the skin.

2. Identify what you want the moisturiser to do. Do you want it to firm your body, tone it or soothe it from sunburn? For example if you want to soothe sunburn then you should pick a moisturiser that contains aloe vera, as it is known to be good for relieving damaged skin.

3. Don't be too influenced by what works for your friend, she may have a different skin type to you. For example I don't use products for oily or combination skin because I have never suffered with spots. So, a product for oily skin would be my skins worst nightmare, but it may work wonders for someone else!

4. Often the long established skin care brands are the best. They have developed their products over a number of years and have experience of knowing what ingredients work. Think Palmer's, Nivea and Garnier.

5. Try to establish a routine of moisturising. For example, morning and night. I for one cannot start a day properly if I have not put face moisturiser on!

6. If you buy many moisturisers and still don't feel satisfied then don't fear! There is definitely something out there for you, you just haven't found it. If you're worried about spending too much money on products which are unsatisfactory then I would recommend you do your research on what ingredients and vitamins you want for your skin. Also getting a BOOTS advantage card or Superdrug card can help as well. The more you spend = the more points you get!

My Favourite Products...

Just a few of my favourite things: (from left to right): Nivea Firming Body Lotion Q10 Plus, Bio Oil Specialist Skincare, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula.

  • Palmer's Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E:  it smells fresh and really moisturises skin well. It also has Vitamin E in it (a common vitamin found in moisturisers) - great for hydrating your skin! Its just an added bonus that it also soothes marks and tones skin!

  • Garnier Skin Naturals Summer Body Light Moisturising Lotion: great if you want a product that moisturises your skin and builds up a gradual tan. I have tried many of these kind of lotions over the years and have been unimpressed with the streaky tan I am left with. But if you choose a light shade then you will be more moistened subtle sun goddess than streaky bacon!

  • Nivea Firming Body Lotion Q10 plus: if you're worried about your bikini body then choose a firming moisturiser like this one. It helps to FIRM problem areas, keeping skin tight (as opposed to wobbly!). It promises to firm the skin in 2 weeks. So if your looking for a quick fix solution then pick this one!

  •  Bio Oil Specialist Skincare: this is a great product. I have used it for years! It won't get rid of your scars or stretchmarks but it does help to reduce the appearance of them. It contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil - so you're bound to feel the effects! I would recommend that you use this if your skin is really dry or you have stretchmarks or an uneven skin tone.

Bio Oil really moisturises your skin leaving it glistening.

  • EAU THERMALE Avène Thermal Water for Sensitive Skin: OK, its not a moisturiser but it is a summer essential! This is a thermal water spritzer which will help to cool you down in hot weather, leaving you feeling revitalised and fresh. If you're going somewhere hot then I would definitely recommend investing in some thermal water as its so good for that simple pick-me-up poolside. (Although this sounds foreign you can actually buy it in BOOTS!)...


Saturday, 23 June 2012


Pastel hues and light blues for summer...

From left to right: Ciaté paint pots vernis à angles in bon bon, Revlon SCENTED PARFUMÉ in Grapefruit Fizz, Barry M NP (number 140), Revlon COLORSTAY LONGWEAR NAIL ENAMEL in BARE BONES (number 300), MAYBELLINE EXPRESS FINISH in FLASH COSMIC (number 840), Barry M MINT GREEN (number 304), Barry M Blueberry I/C (number 306), Maybelline FOREVER STRONG PRO in FLAMINGO PINK (number 170, Barry M Boots (Limited edition), Max Factor MINI NAIL POLISH in Soft Toffee.


Its summertime = time to give your nails a FRESH new makeover:

Think light pastel tones, nudes, with some glitter thrown in for good measure!

Invest in some new nail varnish and you'll be dreaming of those long summer breezy nights with pastel tones to add a spring to your step...

Natural nude tones are definitely summer you want your short shorts and barely there tops to stand out as well as your nails...

Use your nails to compliment your outfit not contradict it! Think barely-there-chic!


Some particular favourites of mine...

  • Revlon's SCENTED PARFUME in Grapefruit fizz - this nail varnish with its scented summery smell is the perfect compliment to your glass of bucks fizz! Its light, pink, sparkly and fabulous. TOP TIP: apply three coats or more to get an alluring glittery shine.

  • Revlon's COLORSTAY LONGWEAR NAIL ENAMEL in BARE BONES: this nail varnish does what it says - it IS longer lasting than your average nail varnish. Plus it comes out in a lovely natural nude colour. (SEE BELOW).

  • MAYBELLINE EXPRESS FINISH in FLASH COSMIC - so sparkly and shimmery. This nail varnish can be worn simply on its on or layered over another plain colour to jazz up your ordinary nail colour. TOP TIP: apply MAYBELLINE FOREVER STRONG in FLAMINGO PINK and then layer FLASH COSMIC over it. Apply extra coats of FLASH COSMIC for that extra glittery effect.

  • Barry M Blueberry - a classic, whatever season! This pastel blue always freshens up my nails, leaving them feeling chic and as fresh as a blueberry!



Whether its a week in Devon or tropical heaven, get your swimwear right...

From left to right: Urban Outfitters Marbled Fringe Triangle Bikini, (TOP LEFT): Forever 21 Crochet bandeau, (BOTTOM): Kelly Brook for New Look Floral KB Pink Floral Pant, (FAR RIGHT): ASOS Halter Bikini with Criss Cross Detail.



 1. Think about what purpose the swimwear is for. Is it for swimming, a pool party or just simply a fashion statement? Once you know what you want your swimwear for, then it will make it a lot easier to find the perfect bikini/swimming costume. For example, I was looking for a practical bikini that I could sunbathe in (without getting tan lines) and a fashionable one as well. My practical bikini is a Marbled Fringe Triangle Bikini from Urban Outfitters. Whilst for my fashionable bikini I chose a Halter Bikini with Criss Cross Detail from ASOS.

2. If you have bought bikinis from a retailer before and you found them to be good quality and liked them, then go back there again! Sometimes you want to branch out and try different shops, but in reality if you were pleased with your product before then what's stopping you from going back and looking at this seasons bikinis?

3. Remember to bear in mind the PRACTICAL factor - think about your tan lines. When you see a bikini you like, ask yourself: will I end up with dodgy tan lines? If the answers yes the try to find another design (that's if tan lines bother you!). Stick to wearing simple bikini styles for the start of your holiday and gradually move towards wearing the more impractical types of swimwear near the end of your holiday.

4. Yes, its good to get inspiration from celebrities wearing the latest bikini trends. But don't be pressured into buying a bikini just because you think that that particular style is in fashion! Its more important that your swimwear fits you properly, which leads me onto my next point...

5. Make sure that your swimwear fits your body type! Us girls all have different body types; pear shape, apple, athletic. Find out what body type you are and then work towards finding the right styles for your shape. For example if you have an athletic body type, you can pretty much get away with wearing anything, think bandeaus, triangle string bikinis...

5. If your of the bustier, curvier type then don't fear! Yes, it's hard to find a bikini initially, but easy once you've done your research! Try to avoid skimpy little triangle string bikinis and instead wear bikinis that have more fabric around the bust area. Find ones that have plenty of elasticity so that you can tie them up easily!

6. Finally be confident in your swimwear! Smile in the sun and have fun!


TOPSHOP: You can never go wrong with TOPSHOP (take my word for it!). I recently saw a leopard print bikini there which I loved. It had a growling animal on the bandeau bit and leopard print on the bottoms. How cool is that?

Forever 21: American store (new to the UK). Sell fashionable, quirky clothes and jewellery at avoidable prices. You can get so much amazing stuff for your money there. It's like the cheaper version of TOPSHOP, but still sells good quality clothing. I picked up a few bandeau's there recently - one black and a white crochet one. Simple but great!

Urban Outfitters: Great for fashionable, quirky bikinis! I got my gorgeous Marbled Fringe Bikini there.

Oasis: I recently saw some really cute floral designs in Oasis (while stocks last that is!). Really gorgeous prints, definitely check them out!

ASOS: Avoidable, gorgeous simwear inspired by the catwalk. They also have a DD+ Swimwear range which is great for bustier girls.

Bikini styles I am loving this season...

  • Bandeau's
  • Leopard print
  • Bright neon, zany hues
  • Ditzy, floral print

From left to right: Urban Outfitters Marbled Fringe Triangle Bikini, Forever 21 crochet bandeau and ASOS Halter Bikini with Criss Cross Detail.


Have fun in the sun!



For the Urban Outfitters Marbled Fringe Triangle Bikini:

For the ASOS Halter Bikini Top with Criss Cross Detail:

Friday, 22 June 2012

Fashion and Beauty Style Guides: Review.

Fashion and Beauty Guides: which to choose?

For years I, like many other people, have flicked through magazines admiring celebrities' clothes. Thinking to myself, WOW she looks great...if only I could know her style secrets. For those of you that do the same as me, I bet you can really appreciate how exciting it is when a celebrity such as Victoria Beckham unveils her fashion and beauty secrets.

My first top tip for picking a fashion and beauty guide is to pick one that is by someone whose style you admire. If there is one on the shelves by a particular celebrity whose style you idolise then GREAT. Pick that one!

For instance I had always admired Victoria Beckham's impeccable style so when she brought out her style guide that extra half an inch I was overjoyed! I couldn't wait to find out all about Victoria's fashion and beauty secrets. I immediately put the book on my 2006 Christmas list. As you can imagine when I received the book I was literally engrossed in it, despite it being the sociable Christmas period!

Similarly, when the famous LA stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe brought out her Style A to ZOE I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Zoe, for those of you who don't know is responsible for creating the iconic LA look. Think big handbags, massive sunglasses and show-stopping glamour head to toe.

Remember Nicole Richie toting massive handbags accompanied by oversized sunglasses? Well Zoe is the lady attributed to developing this new breed of LA girl.


Victoria Beckham: that extra half an inch

I LOVE Victoria Beckham's that extra half an inch. Based on her own experience of international fashion Victoria has located a great mix of designer and high street fashion finds. She certainly proves that you don't have to be head-to-toe in designer to be chic.

VB also gives away some of her fantastic beauty secrets, recommending her favourite brands which have worked for her. Something I particularly like about this style guide is the way that Victoria has personalised it so much. When reading that extra half an inch you really feel like you have been given a key to Victoria's fashion and beauty secrets.

A very personal and engaging style guide.

Rachel Zoe with Roce Apodaca: Style A to ZOE: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour

Key word for Zoe's book: GLAMOUR. Through examples of celebrity's red carpet looks she convinces us that normal women can also have their red carpet moments in life. Due to her personal work with notable A list celebrities such as Keira Knightly and Mischa Barton; she knows exactly what works.

Zoe shows us that you don't have to be exclusive (a celebrity) to be inclusive (included in being glamorous).

In short: Zoe's embracing of glamour in ordinary day lives is refreshing!

Pamela Clarke Keogh: audrey style

This is a style guide revolving around Audrey Hepburn's iconic style. You can't go wrong with Audrey Hepburn's style; the pioneer of the little black dress.

For me, it is hard to imagine where style today would be without the influence of Audrey Hepburn. She indefinitely brought a certain grace and elegance to fashion through wearing classic pieces.

This book is fantastic for giving an account of the history of Audrey's very personal style and how it evolved over her lifetime. She truely was an style icon, and this book is a tribute to it.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Hello people!

Creative energy makes the world go around - (my belief).

Welcome to my new blog, post Uni. I am very excited about sharing my fashion and beauty secrets with you. Over the years I have invested in many fashions, beauty products and style guides. Through all of this I have learnt what I like. It is only through my experience of being a fashion consumer, magazine and avid style-guide reader that has allowed me to do this.

Life is for experimentation & fun - two words which I are strongly connected to fashion and beauty.

However, I appreciate that life is also an intellectual journey. We read, debate, learn, love. So that's why I will also feature some current news in my blog as well as the odd bit of celebrity gossip too!

Hope you enjoy!