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Whether its a week in Devon or tropical heaven, get your swimwear right...

From left to right: Urban Outfitters Marbled Fringe Triangle Bikini, (TOP LEFT): Forever 21 Crochet bandeau, (BOTTOM): Kelly Brook for New Look Floral KB Pink Floral Pant, (FAR RIGHT): ASOS Halter Bikini with Criss Cross Detail.



 1. Think about what purpose the swimwear is for. Is it for swimming, a pool party or just simply a fashion statement? Once you know what you want your swimwear for, then it will make it a lot easier to find the perfect bikini/swimming costume. For example, I was looking for a practical bikini that I could sunbathe in (without getting tan lines) and a fashionable one as well. My practical bikini is a Marbled Fringe Triangle Bikini from Urban Outfitters. Whilst for my fashionable bikini I chose a Halter Bikini with Criss Cross Detail from ASOS.

2. If you have bought bikinis from a retailer before and you found them to be good quality and liked them, then go back there again! Sometimes you want to branch out and try different shops, but in reality if you were pleased with your product before then what's stopping you from going back and looking at this seasons bikinis?

3. Remember to bear in mind the PRACTICAL factor - think about your tan lines. When you see a bikini you like, ask yourself: will I end up with dodgy tan lines? If the answers yes the try to find another design (that's if tan lines bother you!). Stick to wearing simple bikini styles for the start of your holiday and gradually move towards wearing the more impractical types of swimwear near the end of your holiday.

4. Yes, its good to get inspiration from celebrities wearing the latest bikini trends. But don't be pressured into buying a bikini just because you think that that particular style is in fashion! Its more important that your swimwear fits you properly, which leads me onto my next point...

5. Make sure that your swimwear fits your body type! Us girls all have different body types; pear shape, apple, athletic. Find out what body type you are and then work towards finding the right styles for your shape. For example if you have an athletic body type, you can pretty much get away with wearing anything, think bandeaus, triangle string bikinis...

5. If your of the bustier, curvier type then don't fear! Yes, it's hard to find a bikini initially, but easy once you've done your research! Try to avoid skimpy little triangle string bikinis and instead wear bikinis that have more fabric around the bust area. Find ones that have plenty of elasticity so that you can tie them up easily!

6. Finally be confident in your swimwear! Smile in the sun and have fun!


TOPSHOP: You can never go wrong with TOPSHOP (take my word for it!). I recently saw a leopard print bikini there which I loved. It had a growling animal on the bandeau bit and leopard print on the bottoms. How cool is that?

Forever 21: American store (new to the UK). Sell fashionable, quirky clothes and jewellery at avoidable prices. You can get so much amazing stuff for your money there. It's like the cheaper version of TOPSHOP, but still sells good quality clothing. I picked up a few bandeau's there recently - one black and a white crochet one. Simple but great!

Urban Outfitters: Great for fashionable, quirky bikinis! I got my gorgeous Marbled Fringe Bikini there.

Oasis: I recently saw some really cute floral designs in Oasis (while stocks last that is!). Really gorgeous prints, definitely check them out!

ASOS: Avoidable, gorgeous simwear inspired by the catwalk. They also have a DD+ Swimwear range which is great for bustier girls.

Bikini styles I am loving this season...

  • Bandeau's
  • Leopard print
  • Bright neon, zany hues
  • Ditzy, floral print

From left to right: Urban Outfitters Marbled Fringe Triangle Bikini, Forever 21 crochet bandeau and ASOS Halter Bikini with Criss Cross Detail.


Have fun in the sun!



For the Urban Outfitters Marbled Fringe Triangle Bikini:

For the ASOS Halter Bikini Top with Criss Cross Detail:

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