Monday, 25 June 2012

Pamper yourself in the summer sun, I dare you...

Nail colour: Ciaté paint pots vernis à angles in bon bon (good enought to lick...just like a lavender bon bon sweetie!)

Its tempting to just recline on the sun lounger soaking up the sun, thanking the lord that you don't have to lather on the St. Tropez anymore...

But, why not also pamper yourself outside, whilst sunbathing?...


I love painting my nails outside, because:

a.) I don't have to smell the smell of nail varnish

b.) Your nails will dry quicker in the sun

c.) Why not? Women can multi task...right?!

SO soak up the rays and spend your summer days painting one of your most prized possessions: your nails!

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