Saturday, 26 October 2013

Did we see the Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom split coming?

Miranda Kerr at Paris Fashion Week. Image from

Orlando Bloom with his Romeo and Juliet co star, Juliet Condola Rashad. Image from

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have split. Did we see this coming? I tend to think not, one is a lady used to offering mouth splitting smiles 24/7 and the other is an actor. Covering up marriage strife is easy for these two.

In hindsight, you could argue that this was coming, the influx of sexy photos that Miranda uploaded of herself in recent weeks is demonstrative of a woman whose confidence has taken a knocking and is on a mission to prove her self worth. 

At Paris Fashion Week, recently she uncharacteristically bared her cleavage, pushing up her bust with a push up bra to within an inch of their life. If Katie Price did this no one would bat an eyelid. However we are not used to seeing Miranda's assets on show.

As for Orlando, his growing closeness to his Romeo and Juliet, Broadway co star, Juliet Condola Rashad was indicative of a marriage problem waiting to happen. Multiple photos emerged of him kissing Juliet for photo calls, with not a care in the world who saw him. 

He even admitted in an interview last week that when acting, he enjoyed kissing Juliet so much that he wished he couldn't pull away. This is not a statement from someone that respects his wife. Clearly the marriage was long over before Orlando offered such a disrespectful comment.

What do you think? Did you think this Hollywood couple would last?

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Jenner divide: Team Bruce VS Team Kris

Kendall Jenner's Instagram picture. Image from

Kris and Kylie Jenner step out together. Image from

In the wake of Kris and Bruce Jenner's divorce their daughters Kendall and Kylie have each decided to side with a different parent. Kendall is standing by her dad, posting a snap of herself wearing a team Bruce badge which reads 'I know BRUCE JENNER personally' on her Instagram. Whilst Kylie is reportedly siding with her mother, Kris. As if to make this statement obvious, on Monday Kylie wore a head to toe black outfit when she stepped out with her mother, resembling her style as if to say something along the lines of women that dress the same think the same. 

This only leaves me to ask one question. Is this not all a bit childish? Is there any need for the girls to taunt the media with suggestions that they are siding with parents? And does this help the family move on from this? If anything it just feeds into the idea that divorce means war and divisions among family members.

What do you think of Kendall and Kylie's behaviour?

Saturday, 12 October 2013

The importance of being preened

Image from

Now I am in University nine to five most days training to become a journalist I have noticed three things. One my skin feels dryer than ever before, two it is harder to fit in beauty regimes as work takes priority and three I feel like I am breaking out. Long days are wrecking damage on my skin. No longer can I leisurely drink a litre of water in a day or top up my SPF when I see fit. It's more a case of dashing from one lecture to the next and if there's anytime for a coffee then that's great! 

However, I firmly believe that part of getting the job is looking the part and at the end of the course I do not want to have cracked skin, a furrowed expression and stress lines as who wants to invest in this? Doing a mini beauty regime this evening has impressed on me the importance of looking after your skin. After using BiorĂ© Deep Cleansing Pore Strips to clean the pores around my nose I feel instantly revived, like a car that's just had it's MOT. I am now ready to face the world once more. So my advice? Give yourself a little me time as it perks you up, giving you added confidence, making those long days seem a little more bearable.

What are your top beauty tips guaranteed to make your day? Leave me a comment below. 

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Katie Price back on the cover of OK!

OK! Magazine, OCT 15 2013. Image from

Katie Price has made her OK! magazine comeback in this weeks issue, after a period of remaining quiet about her private life. Miss Price was notoriously candid about her love life and everything in between and used to give regular interviews to OK!. However after her divorce from Peter Andre she slowly retreated from the media. 

But now she is back with a bang and has chosen to present her new baby boy, Jett Riviera to the world in the celebrity weekly. This marks a turn in relations between Katie and the magazine. The fact that she decided to do an exclusive with them shows that her preferences lie with this particular mag. This may be a one off exclusive, but I am personally excited to see what's in store. Perhaps this is just the start of a long line of interviews she will give in the coming months.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Simon Cowell and his women

Simon Cowell joined on holiday by his ex's which include Sinitta and Mezghan Hussainy. Image from

Reading a Mail Online article on a Saturday afternoon summarising how Simon Cowell manages to maintain friendships with most of his ex-girlfriends, who regularly accompany him on holidays has baffled me. This is nothing new to me, but somehow seeing the pictures of Simon surrounded by some of his ex's, posing in perfect harmony together has brought home how odd this dynamic is. First of all, ex's for many stay ex's and second of all whenever have a flurry of past flames of one man been happy to socialise with one another? Is this what modern adulthood is? The past is put in the past and and let bygones be bygones. OR does Simon possess an unattainable charisma that the girls love to be around. Is he the Christian Grey of this century?

Of course the alternative argument is that Simon's lavish lifestyle attracts the women like bee to pollen. That is not to say that these ladies are golddiggers, far from it. But it cannot be denied that they enjoy holidaying with him on his yacht and being wined and dined. If your friend asked you to jump aboard their yacht for a siesta you wouldn't say no would you? Alternatively Simon offers a security and gives the women a sense of belonging which they probably appreciate. With a fortune estimated at 200 million by The Sunday Times Rich List, he could easily support his ladies.

A Christian Grey type or just a really nice man that manages to maintain good relations with ex-girlfriends? You decide.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Millie Mackintosh: there's no bun in the oven

Millie Mackintosh at Virgin Atlantic's exclusive lounge. Image from

It's the standard procedure. Man and wife get married and everyone automatically assumes that children will soon follow. However if you're a celebrity this is of course played out in the media. The latest celeb to fall under the pregnancy spotlight is Millie Mackintosh who addressed rumours that she was expecting on Twitter. The newly wed, Mrs Manderson tweeted 'Pregnancy rumours are just that.. We are far too busy enjoying each other now.' So that's that, there are no mini Pro's on the way just yet. Millie's far too occupied adding to her growing collection of shoes and donning air hostess' uniforms for Virgin Atlantic.

Pregnancy rumours are just that.. We are far too busy enjoying each other right now

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The art of political fashion

Theresa May showcases her shoe collection at the Conservative Party Conference, 2013. Image from

Theresa May has proven that politics can be fashionable over the last few days at the Conservative Party Conference, showcasing her shoe collection which includes Russell and Bromley patent brogues with sparkles on the heels and shoes with gold spikes on them. On Sunday she also wore a Vivienne Westwood tartan suit which supermodel Cara Delevingne recently wore. 

Politics, (in some cases), is a game not just for those with conservative political views, but a conservative dress sense. In Britain we have been long governed by a succession of prime minsters who wear sharp suits and bulging shoulder pads (if you're Mrs Thatcher). It is indeed a rarity that politics and fashion ever mix. You're either a creative soul who wears quirky attire and pursues a career in the arts or you're a straight-talking intellectual who enjoys dressing in a refined manner. Or you're somewhere in-between the two!

Let's have more politicians that get it right in the fashion stakes, it certainly makes politics more exciting!