Saturday, 26 October 2013

Did we see the Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom split coming?

Miranda Kerr at Paris Fashion Week. Image from

Orlando Bloom with his Romeo and Juliet co star, Juliet Condola Rashad. Image from

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have split. Did we see this coming? I tend to think not, one is a lady used to offering mouth splitting smiles 24/7 and the other is an actor. Covering up marriage strife is easy for these two.

In hindsight, you could argue that this was coming, the influx of sexy photos that Miranda uploaded of herself in recent weeks is demonstrative of a woman whose confidence has taken a knocking and is on a mission to prove her self worth. 

At Paris Fashion Week, recently she uncharacteristically bared her cleavage, pushing up her bust with a push up bra to within an inch of their life. If Katie Price did this no one would bat an eyelid. However we are not used to seeing Miranda's assets on show.

As for Orlando, his growing closeness to his Romeo and Juliet, Broadway co star, Juliet Condola Rashad was indicative of a marriage problem waiting to happen. Multiple photos emerged of him kissing Juliet for photo calls, with not a care in the world who saw him. 

He even admitted in an interview last week that when acting, he enjoyed kissing Juliet so much that he wished he couldn't pull away. This is not a statement from someone that respects his wife. Clearly the marriage was long over before Orlando offered such a disrespectful comment.

What do you think? Did you think this Hollywood couple would last?

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  1. I really didn't see it coming, they are both so hands on with their son and they looked like such a cute family I really thought it was going to last, a pity is hasn't

    Laura x