Saturday, 5 October 2013

Simon Cowell and his women

Simon Cowell joined on holiday by his ex's which include Sinitta and Mezghan Hussainy. Image from

Reading a Mail Online article on a Saturday afternoon summarising how Simon Cowell manages to maintain friendships with most of his ex-girlfriends, who regularly accompany him on holidays has baffled me. This is nothing new to me, but somehow seeing the pictures of Simon surrounded by some of his ex's, posing in perfect harmony together has brought home how odd this dynamic is. First of all, ex's for many stay ex's and second of all whenever have a flurry of past flames of one man been happy to socialise with one another? Is this what modern adulthood is? The past is put in the past and and let bygones be bygones. OR does Simon possess an unattainable charisma that the girls love to be around. Is he the Christian Grey of this century?

Of course the alternative argument is that Simon's lavish lifestyle attracts the women like bee to pollen. That is not to say that these ladies are golddiggers, far from it. But it cannot be denied that they enjoy holidaying with him on his yacht and being wined and dined. If your friend asked you to jump aboard their yacht for a siesta you wouldn't say no would you? Alternatively Simon offers a security and gives the women a sense of belonging which they probably appreciate. With a fortune estimated at 200 million by The Sunday Times Rich List, he could easily support his ladies.

A Christian Grey type or just a really nice man that manages to maintain good relations with ex-girlfriends? You decide.

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