Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Jenner divide: Team Bruce VS Team Kris

Kendall Jenner's Instagram picture. Image from dailymail.co.uk

Kris and Kylie Jenner step out together. Image from dailymail.co.uk

In the wake of Kris and Bruce Jenner's divorce their daughters Kendall and Kylie have each decided to side with a different parent. Kendall is standing by her dad, posting a snap of herself wearing a team Bruce badge which reads 'I know BRUCE JENNER personally' on her Instagram. Whilst Kylie is reportedly siding with her mother, Kris. As if to make this statement obvious, on Monday Kylie wore a head to toe black outfit when she stepped out with her mother, resembling her style as if to say something along the lines of women that dress the same think the same. 

This only leaves me to ask one question. Is this not all a bit childish? Is there any need for the girls to taunt the media with suggestions that they are siding with parents? And does this help the family move on from this? If anything it just feeds into the idea that divorce means war and divisions among family members.

What do you think of Kendall and Kylie's behaviour?

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