Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The art of political fashion

Theresa May showcases her shoe collection at the Conservative Party Conference, 2013. Image from

Theresa May has proven that politics can be fashionable over the last few days at the Conservative Party Conference, showcasing her shoe collection which includes Russell and Bromley patent brogues with sparkles on the heels and shoes with gold spikes on them. On Sunday she also wore a Vivienne Westwood tartan suit which supermodel Cara Delevingne recently wore. 

Politics, (in some cases), is a game not just for those with conservative political views, but a conservative dress sense. In Britain we have been long governed by a succession of prime minsters who wear sharp suits and bulging shoulder pads (if you're Mrs Thatcher). It is indeed a rarity that politics and fashion ever mix. You're either a creative soul who wears quirky attire and pursues a career in the arts or you're a straight-talking intellectual who enjoys dressing in a refined manner. Or you're somewhere in-between the two!

Let's have more politicians that get it right in the fashion stakes, it certainly makes politics more exciting!

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