Thursday, 13 September 2012

Rachel Zoe comes back with a bang at New York Fashion Week.

After criticism from the Fashion industry over a slump in sales of her clothing line, Rachel Zoe has created a fabulous spring summer 2013 collection which will have her fiercest critics kicking themselves...

Rachel Zoe. Image from Google Images

Zoe must have been understandably anxious about the reception of her spring summer 2013 NYFW show given the recent negative press she has suffered. Image from @RachelZoe Official Twitter

After recent trouble with sales of her clothing line Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist and fashion designer, has come back with a bang at New York Fashion Week, with a glamorous spring summer 2013 collection which will have her fiercest critics running for the hills. It was only just a few weeks ago that the media laid into the former stylist, saying that as a fashion designer she had had her day because of a major slump in sales. Once Selfridges decided to stop stocking Zoe's clothing line, critics were quick to wade in saying that Zoe's career as a fashion designer was uncertain.

 Darling Thank You! The show was Amazing! I Love the collection!!xx

Charlotte Tilbury, the makeup artist who created the makeup looks for Rachel Zoe's show clearly loves Zoe's spring summer 2013 collection.

But, I stayed positive because I know how great Zoe is. She has a flair for fashion and style that is impossible to pin down. Here is a woman who lives and breathes fashion, to the extent that she is never papped leaving the house looking anything but fabulous and her son Skylar is always dressed impeccably in the latest baby trends.

Rachel Zoe spring summer 2013 collection. Image from Google Images.

Zoe's models sashayed down the catwalk in a series of glamorous outfits which proved that she really is the queen of LA style. Her designs are ones that you could quite easily imagine a Hollywood actress wearing. Take the gold sequinned floor length dress for instance. This is a show stopping dress which screams glamour all over. The slouchy dress creates a relaxed kind of glamour, one which Zoe does well. This is a woman who has worked closely with all the top names in the industry. From Nicole Richie to Cameron Diaz, she has styled their red carpet looks to perfection. There is no doubting that this woman's catwalk show was ever going to fall flat on its face.

Image from Google Images

Zoe's casual catwalk attire was also incredible, which is seen on a model who wore striking mint green summer shorts and a glitzy sequinned top. There is no arguing with this look, it proves that you can mix a simple pair of shorts with a sequinned top for a chic daytime look, which can also be worn at night. Zoe, herself said that her designs are inspired by the glamorous LA woman and her designs reflect this glamour perfectly. This is a woman with the ability to understand and connect with the LA fashion scene and showcase this in her collection. Rachel Zoe is a fashion force, she has faced her critics head on with her spring summer 2013 collection, proving to them that she has still got IT. On that note, I will let Zoe speak or Tweet for herself!

Overwhelmed by all the kind words about the spring special to read all of these & know ur as excited about it as I am!! xoRZ

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