Monday, 12 August 2013

GOSSIP EXCLUSIVE: Lucy Mecklenburgh posts Instagram picture after Max George romance ends

(From left to right): Max George and Lucy Mecklenburgh. Images from and

It was only a few weeks ago that Lucy Mecklenburgh was raving about how Max George is such a nice guy and not at all like the bad boy he is portrayed as. However it has recently been revealed that Max George has been spending time with model Jasmine Lennard whilst in America. With hectic schedules it seems like Lucy and Max have not been able to see much of each other recently, as Lucy has been in the UK working on her new fitness website, Results With Lucy whilst Max is on tour with The Wanted in America.

It seems that Lucy has obviously heard the news about Max and his new conquest and took to Instagram this morning to react to it, posting an image that read: 

Image from Lucy Mecklenburgh Official Instagram.

She was perhaps mocking the situation she's in, making light of something that must be frustrating for her. Let's just hope she does not get back with Mario, who revealed that he would take her back if Max George cheats.

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