Sunday, 25 August 2013

My Celebrity Big Brother predictions

Celebrity Big Brother has only just started but I am certain that this will be an eventful series. Here are my predictions:

1. The public will fall in love with Mario and he will make the final

Mario Falcone. Image from

As Mario Falcone went into the house he appeared nervous and very composed. Since being in the house he has become bosom buddies with Carol McGiffin, entertaining us with the thought that him and Carol will make a lovely couple. He has also played house detective, uncovering Big Brother's secret cult of celebrity and rightly guessing that the three house newbies put Ron Atkinson up for eviction. Although Mario has played the TOWIE Villian, I predict that CBB will show a new side to Mario, after all Celebrity Big Brother is more real than the constructed reality that is TOWIE.

2. Abz and Mario will have some major disagreements

Abz Love. Image from

Abz Love and Mario seem so similar that I am not sure they will get on. They both seem quite headstrong and quietly clever, that they are bound to clash other something. Indeed Abz stated in the diary room that he found Mario rude when he first met him. I don't think you will see a bromance developing here!

3. Vicky Entwhistle will become the house mother

Vicky Entwhistle. Image from

There is always a house mother in Big Brother that makes people food, cleans up after the housemates and offers her wise words of wisdom. This year I think Vicky Entwhistle will play this role as she is quite loud and has a commanding presence.

4. Bruce will have a huge bust up

Bruce Jones. Image from

Bruce Jones is certainly not a chilled character, as I recall watching him on Celebrity Wife Swap and seeing how stubborn and argumentative he was. I think he is certain to orchestrate a massive argument in the house.

5. Carol will get partially naked

Carol McGiffin. Image from

Carol McGiffin is no shrinking violet and is known for being very outspoken and bold. She has also publicly flashed her knickers before. It seems that every year there is a housemate that gets naked and either runs round the garden or slips into the Jacuzzi. Carol has already shown her legs to Mario, so I would not be surprised if she stripped completely!

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