Saturday, 24 August 2013

Celebrity reactions to Cheryl Cole's new tattoo

Cheryl Cole's rose tattoo. Image from

Onlookers at the Girls Aloud reunion tour were shocked enough to see part of Cheryl Cole's back inked with roses, now it turns out that Cheryl had gone all the way out and got her bottom tattooed as well, extending the rose design. Most girls are happy with roses on Valentines day, but not Cheryl, she wants them everyday.

Judging from people's reactions on Twitter, everyone is in shock, with some journalists labeling it a 'tramp stamp' aka a 'chav stamp'. Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson seems to be in agreement as she tweeted 'What was Cheryl thinking. #nodoggynodiggity'. Castmember Lucy Watson seemed speechless as she tweeted 'Cheryl Coles extended tattoo ... Discuss'. Never one to mince her words, another MIC lady, Victoria Baker Harber wrote on her Twitter page 'Cheryl Cole's tattoo makes her look like an exhibit from Bodyworks.'

However Chezza's soldiers are out in force, declaring their love for their idol's new inking. Michelle Keegan has also tweeted her support saying 'No gonna lie I actually heart @CherylCole new tattoo #dontcare X'. Michelle Heaton also declared that she likes it tweeting 'showed my husband Cheryl's tattoo.. His reply to me was "Wow what a waste of an ass" mmmm should I be jealous or relieved lol...I like it! X.' 

The Only Way is Essex's Bobby Norris has also shown appreciation for Cheryl's tattoo tweeting, 'Is it only me who is loving @CherylCole latest tattoo? #beaut.'

Cheryl's tattoo is representative of another celebrity who has stacks of cash but does not know what to spend it on. All I can think is what is it going to look like when she parades around on the beach in a bikini?! That said, at least it conceals any dimples she may get on her bottom as she ages! 

What was Cheryl thinking.
Cheryl Coles extended tattoo ... Discuss
No gonna lie I actually heart 💗 new tattoo! X

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