Friday, 9 August 2013

MAC Lustre Lipstick in Politely Pink

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MAC Lustre in Politely Pink

MAC lustre lipstick in Politely Pink is a gorgeous shimmery pearly pink, as a lustre it is makes lips appear soft and smooth. I found this particular lipstick when I was searching for a light, nude colour with pink pigments in it. After seeing one of Tanya Burr's youtube tutorial's where she uses the nude MAC lipstick Plink I was convinced that this was the colour I wanted, but when I tried it on I found that it was too subtle that it barely looked like anything was on my lips.

Then I found Politely Pink which was way more flattering on my lips than Plink. Politely Pink is a great lipstick which goes really well with dark eye makeup or winged eyeliner. It is also relatively long lasting - (if you drink through straws) and I found that as a lustre it moisturises my lips and does not dry them out like some other lipsticks do.

Overall Politely Pink was a great find because it is one that you do not hear about as much as Candy Yum Yum, Girl About Town and Snob. I cannot recommend it enough, if you're looking for a light pearly pink with a beautiful shimmer or even a light colour that will flatter a smokey eye then invest in Politely Pink!

A swatch of MAC lustre in Politely Pink

MAC lustre in Politely Pink with flash

MAC lustre in Politely Pink with suppressed flash


A lipstick similar to Politely Pink worn by actress Dianna Agron. Image from .

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