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Why all wannabe journalists should read October ELLE

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We always have reasons to buy ELLE, it is packed with fashion and always has exclusive celebrity interviews. However this month, there is even more reason to buy it and that is because this issue has been put together by the interns as part of the Edited By The Interns initiative

For those of you that have not heard of this, it's a programme set up by the publication, in which budding journalists become interns, enrolled with ELLE University, (sponsored by Nokia) and get to take on the roles of the magazine team, such as Entertainment editor and Editor-in-Chief. ELLE's own Editor-in-Chief, Lorraine Candy offers her own advice to them, giving them a welcome talk.

Reading this issue of ELLE is a must for all you wannabe journalists and interns out there as the interns give an insight into working at the magazine, from their 'Best Moment' to the thing that most surprised them, offering advice to 'fellow interns' along the way. For those of you that are un-sure of which role you would like to play in a magazine, they also give us a clear insight into their roles. There is even a 'Role Play' quiz chart which enables you find out which function in the team would most suit you.

I think it's amazing to pick up a magazine which is a pure collaboration between interns and well established journalists. It just shows how far most internships have come in the last decade, as they are increasingly becoming more interactive and hands on, allowing interns to have a real input into publications.

So if your a budding journalist, pick up a copy of this month's ELLE and take notes. You never know, one of those tips might just be the key to succeeding in your next internship!

To find out more about what the 'Edited by the Interns' team got up to read their blogs here:

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