Thursday, 12 September 2013

Are Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson faking "hatred" of one another?

Lucy Watson, Binky Felstead and Louise Thompson at the TV Choice Awards. Image from

At any given opportunity Made in Chelsea stars Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson have always laid in to one another through the medium of Twitter, ever since Lucy started dating Louise's ex Spencer Matthews. Recently Lucy could not hide her amusement at Louise being labelled a 'slut' on Twitter. However at the TV Choice Awards on Monday the girls did not appear indifferent to each other, as they sat just one seat away from each other with co-star Binky Felstead sat in between them. Whilst ever friendly and entertaining Binky could have helped diffuse the tension between the girls, it does seem suspicious that these two were willing to be that close to one another, given their apparent hatred of each other.

Of course, this sets fuel to the fire, that some of the storylines in Made in Chelsea are exaggerated in order to boost the ratings. It could be that these two are civil with one another, but the reality show emphasised their hatred of each other, to create explosive scenes. This was famously done, when it was revealed on the show that Louise slept with Spencer Matthews, behind boyfriend of the time, Jamie Laing's back. However after facing a very public backlash for apparently doing this, Louise admitted that this storyline was in fact made up and she never did cheat on Jamie. If this plot can be made up then there is every chance that Louise and Lucy's continued "hatred" of each other is contrived for a public show. Indeed, in the past there have been questions raised over whether co-stars publicly "fight" on Twitter in order to get publicity for the show.

Whilst we will never know the truth behind this on-going 'spat' that they have, unless the show abruptly ends and the stars release memoirs, we shall assume for now that Louise and Lucy are civil to one another, despite their past disputes. There is of course every chance that these two girls try to get along at awards ceremonies for the sake of putting on a united MIC front.

Do you think Louise and Lucy have pretended to "fight" all this time? Is their supposed hatred of one another a show for the cameras? Do you think they are civil only for awards ceremonies?

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