Friday, 6 September 2013

Are grills a fashion statement or chavy?

Kim Kardashian for CR Fashion Book, wearing grills. Image from

Kylie Jenner wearing grills. Image from

Right now I am sat here thinking of all the Hollywood A-listers that wear grills on their teeth. For anyone that does not know what a grill is, it's a metal coating for the teeth worn as an accessory. In a few words, it is a fashionable brace for celebrities. Popularized by rap stars such as Nelly in the early noughties, grills are now making a comeback.

Beyonce wearing grills. Image from

Rihanna, Beyonce and Madonna have all worn them. In recent months, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus have blinged up their teeth with grills. However now the Kardashian / Jenner women have started adorning their teeth with grills (cue a cult trend emerging). First Kylie Jenner was spotted wearing them, showing off her golden grills on Instagram. Now older sister, Kim Kardashian has jumped on board, and has been photographed wearing some by none other than Karl Lagerfeld for the latest issue of CR Fashion Book. Kim is not usually one to make such a pointed fashion statement, however since the union with self proclaimed fashion designer Kanye West, she has been trying out all kinds of interesting fashions.

It is arguable that because all these famous women have worn grills, they are indeed a fashion trend. Well, you can get them made out of gold and what is more fabulous than that? They make any outfit look edgier and give you some sort of street cred, that mostly rap stars can appreciate. If fashion icons Rihanna and Beyonce are sporting them, then they have got to be in vogue? Indeed if the fashion queen that is Carine Roitfeld approved of Kim Kardashian wearing grills for her publication, then they must be stylish. Kim's photograph makes them look chic, due to whimsical lighting and lips parted in a seductive manner.

Katy Perry wearing grills. Image from

However one could also argue that grills are chavy. They are becoming so common now that they have started to morph into a representation of chav-chic. These celebrities often show off their grills with a wide open mouth, that is not molded into a smile but a scowl as if to say 'I'm hard as nails, back off.' There is something very uncouth about this facial expression. You only have to look at the picture of Katy Perry to witness this expression in full force.

Whatever your thoughts are on grills, it looks like they are here to stay, for those rich enough to afford to buy a stylish 'brace' for their teeth. Mark my words, scores of teenage girls will be asking their parents for a grill soon. To which they will say 'we already have one... to toast sandwiches.'

What do you think of grills? Are they fashionable or chavy?

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  1. I spotted Kims photo on Instagram the other day and had to take a second look.

    I must be really out of it as I had no idea all these other celebrities were wearing them too?!
    Personally I'm not keen but each to their own.
    It just reminds me of those stone gems everyone had on their teeth a while back.

    oOo Becky oOo

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