Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Kelly Brook posts cryptic tweet

Kelly Brook. Image from

Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani during happier times. Image from

Kelly Brook has been relatively quiet, since the revelations that love rat aka ex boyfriend Danny Cipriani cheated on her and 'sexted' other women. The lingerie model and designer has thrown herself into work, staring in the video for boy band, Lawson's latest single, Juliet and releasing a new collection of clothing for New Look. However she has made few comments on her own love life, up until today, when she cryptically tweeted 'Falling in Lust can give you such a Delusional sense of reality.'

Whilst Kelly could have been referring to her reported dalliance with Andy from Lawson, it is likely that she is reflecting on her relationship with Cipriani. Perhaps, in hindsight she thinks her previous relationship was based on lust, which made her feel like she had some sort of stability with her boyfriend, but in reflection it was all pretentious. 

Falling in Lust can give you such a Delusional sense of Reality.

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