Wednesday, 25 September 2013

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...

The Only Way Is Essex cast have just finished filming in Vegas, shooting a one off special where they get up to their normal antics within the background of the famous gambling hole. We have been kept up to date with their activities by pictures showing them strutting through the airports, enjoying girlie meals and sunbathing sessions. However what has actually happened? At this point we have no idea what the storylines will be in the new series, but here's what I predict they got up to in Vegas...

Ferne will backlist Charlie whenever she can

Ferne McCann. Image from the

After the last series finished Charlie Sims was papped flirting with a girl in Ibizia who he also romanced when back in the UK. After taking a few weeks to make a decision about the future of her relationship, Ferne chose not to take Charlie back, instead taking to Twitter to voice her emotions. So us viewers are waiting for her to make an announcement about him. In usual TOWIE style this romantic blip will not be left un-spoken about, I predict multiple conversations about Charlie in Vegas and the girls helping Ferne to move on.

Lucy will have washed the man out of her hair

Lucy Mecklenburgh wearing her new hair extensions. Image from

Lucy revealed towards the end of last series that she was dating The Wanted's Max George, however over the summer this dalliance came to abrupt end when it was revealed that he had been seeing model Jasmine Lennard behind Lucy's back. After suffering yet another romantic setback Lucy is probably keen to start afresh. By chance she has just had some long hair extensions put in, perhaps in preparation for the Vegas jaunt. A new hairstyle signals a fresh start, as they say.

Mario will gamble at a casino

Mario Falcone. Image from

Mario is not un-known to hang out in casinos, remember that episode when he bumped into Rami (Gemma Collins' ex in a casino in Mayfair)? Mario will literally be in heaven in the heart of casino land. After all what is the point of the cast going to Vegas to film without making use of the infamous gambling capital?

Joey Essex will meet someone new

Joey Essex. Image from

Over the summer Joey Essex was photographed flirting with a girl at V Festival who his ex fiance Sam apparently knew when she was younger. Despite Joey and Sam no longer talking to each other, Sam was still upset, giving an exclusive interview to a celeb weekly saying how much those photos disappointed her. Joey's behaviour gives us a clear indication that he is enjoying being single and is certainly ready to mingle. So it's very likely that he will have met someone on this recent trip.

What do you think will happen in Vegas? Are you excited for the new series of TOWIE?

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