Friday, 12 July 2013

GOSSIP EXCLUSIVE: Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson row esculates

(From left to righ)t: Lucy Watson and Louise Thompson. Images from Google Images

Made in Chelsea may be taking a break after series 5, but the bitch fights are yet to be put on the shelf. It would seem that Louise Thompson and Lucy Watson are still at loggerheads. Not content with shooting insults at each other on screen the co-stars are exchanging insults on the favoured medium of celeb spats - Twitter. The pair originally fell out after Louise split up with her cheating boyfriend Spencer Matthews, and Lucy Watson got together with him soon after. However, before that the pair had never got on as Lucy had never made it a secret that she fancied Spencer. 

When a Twitter user accused Louise Thompson's private life of revolving over 'crying over Spencer', Louise hit back, causing the the user to state that she was now Team Lucy. Louise then responded with 'obviously chavs support chavs'. Of course Lucy was never going to sit back and take the high road, as she replied to Louise saying 'your insults are boring now get a new hobby'. Perhaps fearing a back lash Louise has since deleted her tweet. 

So if we were not already excited enough for series 6 of MIC, this spat gives us a clear indication that the drama and tension between the two ladies will most definitely continue. I do not see an olive branch being offered any time soon!

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