Monday, 29 July 2013

Beauty spoon

(From left to right): A dessert spoon and Miranda Kerr. Images from Google Images

I have read before of how some women have used the back of a cold spoon to reduce puffiness and the feeling of tiredness around the eyes and decided to try this for myself. Miranda Kerr has declared that she uses a spoon as part of her beauty regime, finding it useful for curling her lashes. However in the beauty world the spoon is more commonly associated with helping to reduce the appearance of tired eyes.

Having just recently come off a flight, there is no better time to try out this DIY treatment. Placing the back of a tablespoon on my eye (over the eyelid and under-eye area) I held it on each eye for roughly 10 seconds each. It felt quite soothing having a cold spoon on my eye area.

After doing this my eyes instantly felt less tired and less heavy when I closed my eyes. However I did not notice a dramatic difference and do not believe that there is a cure for tired eyes other than sleep!

Although this treatment does not cure you of tiredness it does help to make you feel more revived. However it did not appear to reduce the puffiness around my eyes. This is something I will definitely be doing again within the confines of my home!

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