Thursday, 18 July 2013

The SPF we need but forget about

From left to right: Nivea Lip Care Sun Protect SPF30 £3.25, Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor SPF25 £12.00.

When people tell you to protect yourself from the sun, what they normally mean is to just simply wear suncream. But there are two parts of our anatomy which are overlooked and that is our face and lips. The lips are more commonly ignored, but they can also get sun damaged as I have realised when holidaying before.

Whilst there are a lot of day creams which contain SPF in it, a lot do not. The two moisturisers which I have been alternately using for the last few weeks, do not have a trace of SPF in them. It is advisable that for summer you invest in a moisturiser that has it in, especially now we're having this heat wave. There are so many great moisturisers with SPF's in them, some tinted, some plain and some mixed with a BB cream. So SPF does not have to be boring.

I have been trying out Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor SPF25 Fast Absorbing BB Moisturising Cream. This product used to be a moisturiser, but has now been changed into a BB cream. So if you go to your're local Boots and see a Tester in its old packaging and wonder why the Tester is not the same as the product on the shelves, then that is why! (See below for the new packaging).

Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor SPF25 Fast Absorbing BB Moisturising Cream.

This BB cream feels really moisturising and left my skin with a very dewy look. If you have oily skin then I would advise you not to use this due to how glistening my skin looked. But as a BB cream this product provides an excellent base for makeup, as well as moisturising your skin and protecting it from the sun. I was out in the sun for an hour or so and my face did not burn, so it seems to do what is says on the tin. But for those with paler skin it is advisable that you top up your moisturiser throughout the day.

There are also many lip balm's that have SPF in them. But it's very important that you check the packaging before you buy it. Quite simply if there is SPF in it, it WILL say somewhere on the product. For my lip protection I have chosen Nivea Lip Care Sun Protect SPF30, which is a lip balm especially formulated for sun protection. This is not quite as moisturising as my regular pot of Vaseline, but you can not go wrong with such a high amount of sun protection. I felt like this lip balm wore off every time I had a drink or ate something, so I would advise regular application of it after eating and drinking.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you are armed with an SPF BB cream and SPF lip balm there is no excuse not to enjoy the sun. Just remember to apply some suncream as well!

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