Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash

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I am not a fan of fake lashes ever since I went through a panic of trying to put them on once when I was in a rush and the lashes would not position in the right place and glue went all over my top lashes, which meant I had to ditch the falsies and re-apply some of my makeup. So I was looking for a fools proof solution that generally meant less fuss but still boosted my eyelashes. 

This came in the form of eyelash serums, not to be confused with clear mascara. There are a few out there and the majority are quite expensive, about triple the price of your favourite high street mascara. So I went for the cheapest one as it was the smallest bottle, which meant that if I didn't like it there was less regret. I have been using Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash Night Treatment £11.00 for a few weeks, which promises to strengthen lashes and have already noticed results. I was going to wait until 30 days, which is the recommend time that the product will take effect, but because I have already noticed results I wanted to blog about it now.

Mavala recommend that you apply the serum on bare, makeup free lashes before bed time. This is exactly what I did, except I applied the serum maybe an hour or so before bed time so that the product did not go all over my pillow. When I applied mascara the morning after using the serum I noticed that my eyelashes have appeared fuller, with more volume and definition. This treatment has prevented loss of eyelashes when I remove my makeup at night.

I used the same mascara before I started using the eyelash serum, so I know what my lashes were like before I started using the serum and can recognise the difference. I love that my lashes still look very natural, as fake eyelashes are sometimes too overpowering, especially for someone like me with deep set eyes.

I think this product is a great quick fix beauty treatment for anyone that either does not have time to curl their lashes or apply fake lashes. The serum does not give the same dramatic effect of fake eyelashes but it gives your lashes enough of a lift to make a difference. One which I think is more natural and involves an effortless application. Mavala Double-Lash was awarded 'Best Eyelash Serum' winner by Prima in February 2011, so it obviously works for a lot of people.

I think the product gives you a very similar volume to Natalie Portman's lashes.

Natalie Portman. Image from Google Images

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