Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Kiko Skin Glow: Review

Kiko Skin Glow moisturizing cream with SPF 10, £6.40 comes in really nice packaging and is a big size so you feel like you're getting something which is value for money. The product reminds me of Olay Complete Care Everyday Sunshine Moisturiser because it is tinted and gives your skin a very similar glow. The moisturiser has very small particles of glitter in it which comes out on your skin. But it is not so glitterly that you feel that you have been to a child's party!

I found that the applicator was hard to use as sometimes I pressed it and nothing came out, so this product requires a bit of perseverance! I needed two layers of this moisturiser as I did not feel that one layer made my skin glow enough to make a noticable difference. Nonetheless my skin did look healthier. The cream absorbed into my skin very quickly, making me feel like I wanted to apply a generous amount on my face. 

I did not find this product as moistursing as a day cream such as Nivea creme, nevertheless I think that it will make a good base for makeup because it absorbs well and gives skin a very subtle glow. One problem that I found with using this product is that once I had used it my hands were all glitterly and even after washing my hands once it did not come off, so as a contact lenses wearer this was not great for me. So if you wear contact lenses I advise you to put them in before you apply this moisturiser and the same goes for any other tinted creams / foundations.

I think that all skin types can use this day cream as it does not make skin too shiny. Also this product contains SPF 10 in it, so its good to use for this time of year. Will I be buying this product again? I am not so sure because it does not give me the overall look of radiance that I want and I think that you are much better faking radiance with an illuminator such as Nars Copacabana. However, I think that this product is great for someone that likes a subtle sheen or radiance.


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