Saturday, 8 March 2014

Has TOWIE lost its mojo?

TOWIE cast double dating (from left to right): Ricky Rayment, Jess Wright, newcomer Danielle Armstrong and James Locke. Image source:

The Only Way Is Essex is back and only a couple of episodes into the new series and rumours of cheating are floating in the Essex air. Did or didn't James Locke cheat on girlfriend and TOWIE newcomer Danielle Armstrong?

Anyway, regardless of this mini scandal I can't help but think that familiar themes are dominating this series of TOWIE. Girlfriend gets tweets that her boyfriend has allegedly cheated, boyfriend denies it, girlfriend doesn't believe it. This is not an original storyline is it? Haven't we seen this before?

Oh yeah, Ricky Rayment cheats on Jess Wright and then gets tweets relating to this. Yep, I think we have seen this before. The show is starting to make it look like cheating is rife in Essex or to be more specific, Brentwood which I have to say, is unfair for the people from Brentwood who have never betrayed their partner.

This storyline is beginning to dominate the new series which will become rather tiresome. I would rather know now whether James Locke cheated than wait until Sunday's episode. In fact, this story is dominating to the point where I can't recall what else is going on in TOWIE.

Yes good old Bobby Norris has decided to go through with his adoption plans, but why can't we see more footage about this? This is more of an interesting and original story than cheating. Bobby making the brave decision to adopt and become a single parent is an intriguing new development and should be followed.

Samantha Faiers has just been diagnosed with Crohn's disease. If the producers focused on this in the coming episodes then the show would help to raise awareness for a disease we hear little about. By talking about Crohn's in detail, Sam will be able to bring comfort to those suffering from the disease that they are not alone.

TOWIE better pick up and drop its repeated cheating scandals or I may tune out. Let's hope that other storylines get a decent amount of coverage in the coming weeks.

What do you think? Are you sick of cheating scandals dominating TOWIE's storylines? 

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