Sunday, 1 December 2013

Step 2 for Kim Kardashian not Bound 2

Kim Kardashian and Kayne West in Bound 2. Image credit:

Kim Kardashian has received an incredible amount of flack for posing nude in fiance Kanye West's video Bound 2 and imitating sexual positions. The recent criticism has come from her mother, Kris Jenner who has labelled the video as degrading to her daughter's image. 

This video may be called Bound 2 but in theory it is Step 2 for Miss Kardashian. She has let her career take a back seat whilst caring for her baby North West and this video is essentially the next step in the Kardashian strategy to get her career back on track. So why has she got so much flack? If Kim feels happy to pose in that way then why should we criticise? 

Kanye West has received no such criticism so why should we criticise Kim Kardashian? This is Kanye's video and the concept is most likely his. This is just another example of societies weakness of criticising a woman for being 'slutty' and the man as usual gets no such labels. If Kim Kardashian wants to use her finance's video to get to the next 'step' in her career, then so be it.

What do you think of Bound 2? 

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